One of the neatest features of TiddlyWiki is that it is entirely self-contained in a single HTML file. It contains the actual hypertext document, and the JavaScript, CascadingStyleSheets and HTML necessary to both view and edit the document. This means that it is trivial to host a TiddlyWiki on a website, or to distribute one by email. And anyone with a reasonably recent web browser will be able to read and edit it.
MicroContent being a fashionable word for self-contained fragments of content that are typically smaller than entire pages. Often MicroContent is presented via some kind of aggregation that reduces the perceptual shock and resource cost of context switching (eg Blogs aggregating several entries onto a page or Flickr presenting photos in an album). This TiddlyWiki aggregates MicroContent items that I call 'tiddlers' into pages that are loaded in one gulp and progressively displayed as the user clicks hypertext links to read them.
When it loads, TiddlyWiki looks for the names of tiddlers to open as a space-separated list after the # in the URL. If there are no tiddlers in the URL it instead loads the tiddlers named in DefaultTiddlers, one of the SpecialTiddlers.
''Bold''\n==Strike==\n__Underline__\n//Italic//\n2^^3^^=8\na~~ij~~ = -a~~ji~~\n@@highlight@@\n@@color(green):green colored@@\n@@bgcolor(#ff0000):color(#ffffff):red colored@@
You can divide a tiddler into\n----\nsections by typing four dashes on a line by themselves
IsaoSonobe's TiddlyWikiPod is a nifty utility for Mac OS X that copies the content of a TiddlyWiki to an iPod where it can be read, and links followed, using the touch wheel. Isao has also added the ability to link to songs from the TiddlyWiki text which enables some interesting applications. At the moment, it only works with the older SecondVersion of TiddlyWiki. It can be found at
!Header 1\n!!Header 2\n!!!Header 3\n!!!!Header 4\n!!!!!Header 5\n
Putting TiddlyWiki on a USB thumb drive lets you carry around a SelfContained notebook that you can update wherever there's a reasonably modern computer, whether it's a Mac, Linux or a PC. (To be even more independent you can [[install FireFox on the drive|]] as well).
Edit this tiddler to see how to create BulletPoints\n* Like this one\n* And this one\n** And this second-level one\n* And a final one
TiddlyWiki is a spare time project that I'm making available under an OpenSourceLicense. Accordingly, there's no warranty on it, and you can only use it at your own risk. I am interested in hearing about new bugs to add to the rather rapidly growing pile; just EmailMe.
Released in September 2004, the [[first version|firstversion.html]] was pretty basic, weighing in at 52KB.
Released in December 2004, the [[second version|secondversion.html]] of TiddlyWiki grew 50% over the FirstVersion to 76KB. It added IncrementalSearch, the ReferencesButton, the PermaLinkButton, PermaView, CloseAll, SmoothScrolling, an ImprovedSidebar, an animation for the CloseButton and a tiny EasterEgg in homage to Macintosh OS X. It also introduced a new SiteDesign.
InternetExplorer on Windows allows you to SaveChanges in TiddlyWiki. It will give you an ActiveX warning, and ask for your permission to proceed each time. It should work from version 4, but I have only extensively tested against version 6. I have found some annoying difficulties with XpServicePack2, but there's always FireFox.
A WikiWord is a word composed of a bunch of other words slammed together with each of their first letters capitalised. WikiWord notation in a conventional WikiWikiWeb is used to name individual pages while TiddlyWiki uses WikiWord titles for smaller chunks of MicroContent. Referring to a page with a WikiWord automatically creates a link to it. Clicking on a link jumps to that page or, if it doesn't exist, to an editor to create it. This ThirdVersion of TiddlyWiki also adds NonWikiWordLinks.
Thank you to everybody who has helped me with support and suggestions for TiddlyWiki, but especially IsaoSonobe for his cunning regular expression code, and to my friend RebeccaWelby for the SiteDesign.
A Wiki is a popular way of building collaborative websites. It's based on the ideas of easy editing of pages and the use of special WikiWord notation to automagically create links between pages. See Wikipedia for [[more details|]]. TiddlyWiki is different from a conventional Wiki because it is not based on entire pages of content, but rather items of MicroContent that are referred to as 'tiddlers'.
I'm hoping that after using TiddlyWiki for a while a new WritingStyle will emerge that is appropriate for this medium. Jakob Neilsen wrote an article about [[writing styles|]] for MicroContent back in 1998 that still seems surprisingly relevant.
TiddlyWiki doesn't have a server-side back end at the moment, so when you SaveChanges you're saving the whole document, as you would with Microsoft Word. That means that it is essentially only really a SingleUser thing (unless it gets passed round as a ChainTiddlyWiki). There are several TiddlyWikiAdaptations that //do// have a ServerSide, though.
It's easy to make your own TiddlyWiki that you can publish yourself - see how to SaveChanges for details. If you want to change the layout or the colour scheme, you'll need some basic HTML and CSS knowledge.
Internet Explorer Windows XP SP2 seems to have a magical ability to keep track of html files that have been downloaded from the internet and saved on an NTFS drive. By storing additional data in an [[alternate data stream|]], it manages to keep them in the 'Internet Zone' regardless of attempts to rename or modify the file. But, in order to be able to SaveChanges, TiddlyWiki needs to run in the 'My Computer Zone'.\n\nThere are a couple of ways around the problem:\n* save the TiddlyWiki HTML file to a FAT drive (eg a USB thumb drive)\n* open the downloaded file with a text editor and save it again under a different name\n\nIn either case, The new file will open in 'My Computer Zone', which in turn causes Internet Explorer to put up it's information bar asking you whether you want to run it. You need to 'Allow blocked content' to let TiddlyWiki do it's stuff.\n\nThis is all a bit frustrating. An easy alternative is to use FireFox, which seems to do the trick on all platforms.
TiddlyWiki uses several special tiddlers to hold the text used for the MainMenu, the SiteTitle and the SiteSubtitle. DefaultTiddlers is used to store the titles of the tiddlers that are shown at startup. SaveChanges is automatically displayed if there's a problem with saving. Any of them can be editted with the changes taking effect immediately.
When you type more than three characters in the search box at the upper right, any matching tiddlers are automatically displayed with the text highlighted. There's a couple of minor issues: the highlights don't get removed when you clear the search, and occasionally, on some browsers, keystrokes get missed if you type quickly so you may need to click the 'search' button to manually trigger the search.
TiddlyWiki has been used as the basis of a couple of experiments in hypertext fiction. GinaTrapani created [[Baby Dog Sitter|]] with the FirstVersion of TiddlyWiki, followed by "[[Die, Vampire! Die!|]]" from DavidVanWert.
I think this feature from the SecondVersion of TiddlyWiki is quite original. It's a button in the right-hand sidebar that sets the browser address bar to a URL embodying all the currently open tiddlers in the order that they are currently shown. To use it, arrange the open tiddlers that you want, click the permaview button, copy the URL from the browser address bar, and then paste it into an email, web page or whatever.
The rules governing where a tiddler is displayed sound complicated written down. When you click on a tiddler link within another tiddler, the new one is opened immediately below the current one. If the target tiddler is already open, TiddlyWiki just uses SmoothScrolling to bring it into view. More or less the same thing happens when clicking on a tiddler link within the menu or sidebar, except that the tiddler opens at the top of the page if it is not already open.
Try holding down the alt- or shift-key while clicking on a link to a tiddler, on the 'options' button or on the CloseButton for a tiddler. Kind of a respectful homage to Mac OS X, which does something similar for many of its system animations. (On browsers like InternetExplorer that use the shift key to open a new window, it's best to use the alt-key).
RegExpSearch uses JavaScript's [[RegExp syntax|]] to allow flexible searches.
JeremyRuston said:\n<<<\nA TiddlyWiki is like a blog because it's divided up into neat little chunks, but it encourages you to read it by hyperlinking rather than sequentially: if you like, a non-linear blog analogue that binds the individual microcontent items into a cohesive whole. I think that TiddlyWiki represents a novel medium for writing, and will promote it's own distinctive WritingStyle. This is the first version of TiddlyWiki and so, as discussed in TiddlyWikiDev, it's bound to be FullOfBugs, have many MissingFeatures and fail to meet all of the DesignGoals. And of course there's NoWarranty, and it might be judged a StupidName.\n<<<\n\n>level 1\n>level 1\n>>level 2\n>>level 2\n>>>level 3\n>>>level 3\n>>level 2\n>level 1\n
*sample:\n|!th1111111111|!th2222222222|\n|>| colspan |\n| rowspan |left|\n|~| right|\n|bgcolor(#a0ffa0):colored| center |\n|caption|c\n*another sample: see PeriodicTable.\n
|Standard Periodic Table (ref. Wikipedia)|c\n|| !1 | !2 |!| !3 | !4 | !5 | !6 | !7 | !8 | !9 | !10 | !11 | !12 | !13 | !14 | !15 | !16 | !17 | !18 |\n|!1|bgcolor(#a0ffa0): @@color(red):H@@ |>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>||bgcolor(#c0ffff): @@color(red):He@@ |\n|!2|bgcolor(#ff6666): Li |bgcolor(#ffdead): Be |>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>||bgcolor(#cccc99): B |bgcolor(#a0ffa0): C |bgcolor(#a0ffa0): @@color(red):N@@ |bgcolor(#a0ffa0): @@color(red):O@@ |bgcolor(#ffff99): @@color(red):F@@ |bgcolor(#c0ffff): @@color(red):Ne@@ |\n|!3|bgcolor(#ff6666): Na |bgcolor(#ffdead): Mg |>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>||bgcolor(#cccccc): Al |bgcolor(#cccc99): Si |bgcolor(#a0ffa0): P |bgcolor(#a0ffa0): S |bgcolor(#ffff99): @@color(red):Cl@@ |bgcolor(#c0ffff): @@color(red):Ar@@ |\n|!4|bgcolor(#ff6666): K |bgcolor(#ffdead): Ca ||bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Sc |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Ti |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): V |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Cr |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Mn |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Fe |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Co |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Ni |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Cu |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Zn |bgcolor(#cccccc): Ga |bgcolor(#cccc99): Ge |bgcolor(#cccc99): As |bgcolor(#a0ffa0): Se |bgcolor(#ffff99): @@color(green):Br@@ |bgcolor(#c0ffff): @@color(red):Kr@@ |\n|!5|bgcolor(#ff6666): Rb |bgcolor(#ffdead): Sr ||bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Y |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Zr |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Nb |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Mo |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Tc |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Ru |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Rh |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Pd |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Ag |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Cd |bgcolor(#cccccc): In |bgcolor(#cccccc): Sn |bgcolor(#cccc99): Sb |bgcolor(#cccc99): Te |bgcolor(#ffff99): I |bgcolor(#c0ffff): @@color(red):Xe@@ |\n|!6|bgcolor(#ff6666): Cs |bgcolor(#ffdead): Ba |bgcolor(#ffbfff):^^*1^^|bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Lu |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Hf |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Ta |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): W |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Re |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Os |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Ir |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Pt |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Au |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): @@color(green):Hg@@ |bgcolor(#cccccc): Tl |bgcolor(#cccccc): Pb |bgcolor(#cccccc): Bi |bgcolor(#cccc99): Po |bgcolor(#ffff99): At |bgcolor(#c0ffff): @@color(red):Rn@@ |\n|!7|bgcolor(#ff6666): Fr |bgcolor(#ffdead): Ra |bgcolor(#ff99cc):^^*2^^|bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Lr |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Rf |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Db |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Sq |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Bh |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Hs |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Mt |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Ds |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Rg |bgcolor(#ffc0c0): @@color(green):Uub@@ |bgcolor(#cccccc): Uut |bgcolor(#cccccc): Uuq |bgcolor(#cccccc): Uup |bgcolor(#cccccc): Uuh |bgcolor(#fcfecc): @@color(#cccccc):Uus@@ |bgcolor(#ecfefc): @@color(#cccccc):Uuo@@ |\n\n| !Lanthanides^^*1^^|bgcolor(#ffbfff): La |bgcolor(#ffbfff): Ce |bgcolor(#ffbfff): Pr |bgcolor(#ffbfff): Nd |bgcolor(#ffbfff): Pm |bgcolor(#ffbfff): Sm |bgcolor(#ffbfff): Eu |bgcolor(#ffbfff): Gd |bgcolor(#ffbfff): Tb |bgcolor(#ffbfff): Dy |bgcolor(#ffbfff): Ho |bgcolor(#ffbfff): Er |bgcolor(#ffbfff): Tm |bgcolor(#ffbfff): Yb |\n| !Actinides^^*2^^|bgcolor(#ff99cc): Ac |bgcolor(#ff99cc): Th |bgcolor(#ff99cc): Pa |bgcolor(#ff99cc): U |bgcolor(#ff99cc): Np |bgcolor(#ff99cc): Pu |bgcolor(#ff99cc): Am |bgcolor(#ff99cc): Cm |bgcolor(#ff99cc): Bk |bgcolor(#ff99cc): Cf |bgcolor(#ff99cc): Es |bgcolor(#ff99cc): Fm |bgcolor(#ff99cc): Md |bgcolor(#ff99cc): No |\n\n*Chemical Series of the Periodic Table\n**@@bgcolor(#ff6666): Alkali metals@@\n**@@bgcolor(#ffdead): Alkaline earth metals@@\n**@@bgcolor(#ffbfff): Lanthanides@@\n**@@bgcolor(#ff99cc): Actinides@@\n**@@bgcolor(#ffc0c0): Transition metals@@\n**@@bgcolor(#cccccc): Poor metals@@\n**@@bgcolor(#cccc99): Metalloids@@\n**@@bgcolor(#a0ffa0): Nonmetals@@\n**@@bgcolor(#ffff99): Halogens@@\n**@@bgcolor(#c0ffff): Noble gases@@\n\n*State at standard temperature and pressure\n**those in @@color(red):red@@ are gases\n**those in @@color(green):green@@ are liquids\n**those in black are solids\n
There's now an option under InterfaceOptions to allow TiddlyWiki's animation effects to be turned off.
Edit this tiddler to see how to insert images.\n[img[Fractal vegetable|fractalveg.jpg]]\n(This curious vegetable is called 'Romanesque broccoli' and is one of [[my photos|]])
This is the ThirdVersion of TiddlyWiki, released in April 2005. The SecondVersion was released in December 2004, and before that the FirstVersion in September 2004.\n\nSee the RevisionHistory for details of minor changes and bug-fixes since the ThirdVersion. See HowToUpgrade an earlier version of TiddlyWiki to the latest revision.
Several popular GreaseMonkey scripts can cause some or all features of TiddlyWiki to stop working - the default Linkify script seems to be particularly troublesome. There doesn't seem to be a //solid// way to disable GreaseMonkey from within TiddlyWiki (which is technically entirely understandable but does lead to a fairly grim user experience).
The addition of AutoSave to the InterfaceOptions causes TiddlyWiki to automatically perform a SaveChanges each time you edit a tiddler, making it a good deal harder to accidentally lose information. However, if you also choose to SaveBackups you will end up generating an awful lot of files...
This is one of the InterfaceOptions you can use to customize TiddlyWiki. It determines whether TiddlyWiki creates a backup file each time you SaveChanges. I'd suggest keeping it switched on for safety!
NathanBower's GTDTiddlyWiki is an adaptation of TiddlyWiki that's geared towards DavidAllen's GettingThingsDone methodology for personal productivity. It features a funky new look and feel and a few enhancements that haven't yet made it into this 'official' version. It's available [[here|]] and Nathan is also hosting a forum for discussions about it [[on his site|]].
#displayArea {background-color: #ffccff; }\n#mainMenu {border: 1px solid #ffff88; }\n#commandPanel {background-color: #008800; }
Starting with this revision, you can skin TiddlyWiki with a special StyleSheet tiddler containing your own CSS style sheet declarations. Unlike hacking the HTML directly, the StyleSheet tiddler withstands upgrading to a new version of the TiddlyWiki code (see HowToUpgrade).\n\nThe ExampleStyleSheet shows some of the basic options you can control. SaveChanges and then click refresh in your browser to see StyleSheet changes. Any errors in your CSS syntax will be caught and displayed, but they shouldn't stop TiddlyWiki from working.
A new feature for the ThirdVersion of TiddlyWiki is the ability to generate an RssFeed of it's content. You can flick it on with a new addition to the InterfaceOptions. If enabled, it automatically saves an RSS 2.0 format file with the last few changed tiddlers in it. It's given the same filename as the TiddlyWiki file but with the ".xml" extension. Like all TiddlyWiki features, it's experimental, and will probably be a bit temperamental in your feedreader until the bugs are ironed out.\n\nNote that you must set the tiddler SiteUrl to be the URL where your TiddlyWiki will be published. (Don't put leading spaces or line breaks before or after the URL).
InterfaceOptions are displayed when you click the 'options' button on the right. They are saved in a cookie on your browser, making them sticky between visits. RegExpSearch allows more complex search expressions; CaseSensitiveSearch does as it's name implies. The user name for edits should be set //before// starting to edit things (ouch. another bug). AutoSave and SaveBackups give the option of automatically saving changes and whether to generate backup files. You can also choose to GenerateAnRssFeed.
This ThirdVersion of TiddlyWiki offers the following features:\n* compatibility with most modern browsers (although you can only SaveChanges on FireFox and InternetExplorer under Windows)\n* the option to GenerateAnRssFeed\n* more slickness and InterfaceOptions concerned with whether to SaveBackups and the ability to AutoSave\n* a new liquid CSS layout that fills the width of the browser window\n* InterfaceOptions revealed by clicking the new 'options' button on the right\n* KeyboardShortcuts so you can finish editing a tiddler with Control-Enter or abandon it with Escape\n* a more flexible OpenSourceLicense\n* a bunch of features from IsaoSonobe's [[adaptation|]] of TiddlyWiki including ExtendedFormatting, NonWikiWordLinks, PrettyLinks, SubHeadings, BulletPoints, NumberedLists, HtmlTables, BlockQuotes, HorizontalRules and...\n* ...EmbeddedImages:\n[img[brixhamharbour.jpg]]\n* some BugFixes balanced by some KnownBugs
TiddlyWiki's RSS feed is available [[here|]]. RSS support is a WorkInProgress and lacks some niceties at the moment (in particular, the feed is plain text rather than incorporating links and formatting), but at least makes it easier to track changes. You can generate an RSS feed for your own TiddlyWiki using the new GenerateAnRssFeed option.
You can SaveChanges if you're using FireFox or InternetExplorer:\n# if you're using Windows XP you might run into ServicePack2Problems\n# right click on [[this link|empty.html]] and select 'Save link as...' or 'Save target as...'\n** do ''not'' try to use the File/Save command in your browser because of SaveUnpredictabilities.\n** choose where to save the file, and what to call it (but keep the .HTML extension)\n# open the newly downloaded file in your browser\n# click the 'options' button on the right to set your username\n# edit, create and delete the tiddlers you want\n** you can change the SpecialTiddlers to change the SiteTitle and MainMenu etc.\n# click the 'save changes' button on the right to save your changes\n# TiddlyWiki will make a backup copy of the existing file, and then replace it with the new version\n
Because TiddlyWiki is a single HTML file, you've actually already downloaded the entire software just by viewing this site. If you want to be able to SaveChanges, you can save your own blank TiddlyWiki to your local drive by right clicking on [[this link|empty.html]] and selecting 'Save link as...' or 'Save target as...'. You can choose where to save the file, and what to call it (but keep the .HTML extension).\n\nDo ''not'' use the File/Save command in your browser to save TiddlyWiki, because of SaveUnpredictabilities.
There's now an [[empty TiddlyWiki|empty.html]] to make it easier for people ReusingThisSite. It contains the bare minimum content to enable TiddlyWiki to work.
This causes a blank, template TiddlyWiki to be saved alongside your file when you SaveChanges. It's intended to help people who are distributing TiddlyWikiAdaptations, and isn't needed when you're an end-user of TiddlyWiki.\n\nThe template TiddlyWiki is called 'empty.html'.
On the Mac, I use Safari by choice and it's a nuisance having to switch over to FireFox to save TiddlyWiki. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find an easy way to get Safari to do the necessary file operations (except as a DashboardWidget, but that's another story). I'm hopeful that it'll get fixed but in the meantime there's an answer in JonathanPaisley's [[Safari plug-in|]] and associated adaptation of GTDTiddlyWiki. it's a great piece of work (although I'd still love to find a Safari solution that doesn't break TiddlyWiki's all-in-one-ness).\n\nSafari also seems to have a peculiarity whereby cookies are not saved for pages loaded via {{{file://}}}. It manifests itself as the InterfaceOptions not being 'sticky' across reloads.
TiddlyWiki is published under a BSD OpenSourceLicense that gives you the freedom to use it pretty much however you want, including for commercial purposes, as long as you keep my copyright notice. I'd appreciate a link back to as well.\n\nThat license covers the TiddlyWiki //code//, any content you create when you are ReusingThisSite is as much yours as if you'd written it using MicrosoftWord.
Several people have reported problems with reusing TiddlyWiki when they have used the File/Save command of their browser to save it. The issue is that some browsers (notably FireFox) don't save the text of the HTML file exactly as it appears on the server, but rather save a snapshot of the current state of the page. In the case of a highly dynamic page like TiddlyWiki, this leads to all sorts of peculiarness...\n\nTiddlyWiki now displays a warning if it thinks that it has been saved wrongly.
As you can see in the RevisionHistory, I've been occasionally updating TiddlyWiki with bug fixes and minor new features. If you've been using an earlier revision of TiddlyWiki, here's how to upgrade to the latest version:\n* Open your TiddlyWiki file in FireFox (say it's called "mystuff.html")\n* SaveChanges to make sure that you've got a backup of it\n* Without closing that page, right-click on [[this link|]], select 'Save target' or 'Save link' and save it as "mystuff.html", replacing your existing file\n* Now go back to the previously opened copy of "mystuff.html" in your browser and SaveChanges again. It will inherit the newly saved code\n* Refresh the page in the browser to verify that the upgrade has worked
FireFox lets you SaveChanges in TiddlyWiki, but you will see up to three dialogs asking your permission for the local file operations. You must allow all three operations for it to work properly. Note that you can select the //Remember this decision// option to avoid seeing the dialogs in future.
The 'Missing' option on the MoreTab shows you the names of tiddlers that you've referred to but not gone ahead to define. It can be useful during writing sessions to keep track of things you need to come back and fill out.\n\nThe MissingTab was requested by several users of TiddlyWiki, and was a motivation for rewriting the StorageModel.
The 'Orphans' option on the MoreTab shows you the names of tiddlers that aren't linked to from any other tiddlers - in other words, tiddlers that there is no way for readers to find other than searching for them.
Since the FirstVersion of TiddlyWiki, the ReferencesButton has been implemented as a canned search for the name of the current tiddler. That approach was a bit disruptive because of the way that a search operation wipes the current reading state of the document.\n\nThe new implementation offers a popup menu of the names of all the referring tiddlers. It can be consulted without disturbing any tiddlers that are currently open.
Earlier versions of TiddlyWiki used a series of hidden DIV tags to store tiddlers (as can be seen by inspecting view/source in your browser). This mechanism was used both for the initial delivery of the content and for transient, working storage. This meant that operations like 'search' involved extensive HTML DOM manipulations to access the content.\n\nThis new version of TiddlyWiki still uses DIV tags to deliver content to the browser, but immediately loads the text of all tiddlers into a JavaScript data object model. This makes the content much easier to manipulate, and has enabled efficient implementation of the MissingTiddlers, OrphanTiddlers and ReferencesButton features. It's also intended to serve as a better basis for future improvements like tagging.
I'm Jeremy Ruston, a technologist based in London. I do consultancy work through my company [[Osmosoft|]], as well as pursuing some independent projects like TiddlyWiki. I can be reached at {{{jeremy (at) osmosoft (dot) com}}}, and I regularly read and reply to messages on the TiddlyWiki GoogleGroups.
While editing a tiddler:\n* Control-Enter accepts your changes and switches out of editing mode\n* Escape abandons your changes and reverts the tiddler to it's previous state\n\nIn the search box:\n* Escape clears the search term
* KamiWiki at\n* IsaoSonobe's OgreKitWiki at\n* JacquesTurbé's TidliPo, in French at
* PoulStaugaard and IvanMetalnikov's at\n* HenrikAastedSorensen's at
TiddlyWiki is being used for all kinds of things:\n* BrunoTiagoRodrigues has created a geocaching community site in Portuguese at\n* CharlesStross, a celebrated British ScienceFiction writer, has used TiddlyWiki for his 'Tough Guide to the Rapture of the Nerds' at\n* KristofferNilausOlsen, a member of the Danish Student Group of Amnesty International, has used TiddlyWiki to collate reports of breaches of human rights. His site is at\n* EliseSpringer, a philospher at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, USA, is using TiddlyWiki for her homepage at\n* MartinSilcock, an brand researcher working with Millward Brown, is using TiddlyWiki for his homepage at\n* Many people are using the GTDTiddlyWiki variant for personal productivity
Much as I like the idea of EatingMyOwnDogFood, TiddlyWiki isn't yet a suitable platform for hosting public discussions. Until it gets to that point, there's two GoogleGroups for discussions about TiddlyWiki:\n* A TiddlyWiki group for general discussion and announcements at\n* A TiddlyWikiDev group for discussion about TiddlyWiki development at\n\nI'd much prefer to answer technical questions about TiddlyWiki there, rather than by email.
The functions of 'Timeline' and 'All' tabs have been around since the FirstVersion of TiddlyWiki. The purpose of the 'More' tab is to bring together some other, more specialised lists of tiddlers that can be useful during writing sessions. Currently, it offers lists of AllTiddlers, SpecialTiddlers, OrphanTiddlers and MissingTiddlers.
See RevisionHistory and EarlyRevisionHistory for more recent changes.\n* Revision 1.2.9, 17 May 2005\n** Fixed problem with encoding HTML entities in tiddlers (now you can say <div> with impunity)\n** Fixed problem with CustomStyleSheet and Safari\n** Added AutoSave support on deleting a tiddler\n** Added option to GenerateAnRssFeed\n* Revision 1.2.8, 16 May 2005\n** Added option of a CustomStyleSheet\n* Revision 1.2.7, 14 May 2005\n** Removed annoying confirmation alert()'s on a successful save, replaced with a more polished status area including links to the saved files\n** Added options for whether to SaveBackups and to AutoSave every time you edit a tiddler\n* Revision 1.2.6, 6 May 2005\n** Added CSS stylesheet to suppress menu and sidebar when printing\n** Fixed saving to network shares on FireFox on Windows\n** Fixed use of NonWikiWordLinks in DefaultTiddlers and PermaView\n** Fixed problem with clicking more than once on the PermaLinkButton\n** Added EnableAnimations to the InterfaceOptions\n* Revision 1.2.5, 19 April 2005\n** Fixed problem with the search results summary message\n** Fixed problem with clicking on highlighted links\n** Fixed problem with non-ANSI unicode characters in permalinks\n* Revision 1.2.4, 17 April 2005\n** Fixed Control-Enter on IE PC\n** Fixed UTF-8 encoding on SaveChanges\n** Fixed regular expressions to permit basic accented characters in WikiWords\n** Fixed problem with completely blank tiddlers\n** Added set focus on edit tiddler\n* Revision 1.2.3, 15 April 2005\n** Fixed problem with positioning of tiddlers opened from last displayed tiddler\n** Added KeyboardShortcuts\n* Revision 1.2.2, 14 April 2005 \n** No code changes\n* Revision 1.2.1, 14 April 2005\n** Fixed problem with spaces in pathnames on Mac/Unix\n* Revision 1.2.0, 14 April 2005\n** No code changes
See RevisionHistory for the more recent revisions, and EvenEarlierRevisionHistory for older stuff.\n* Revision 1.2.17, 11 June 2005\n** Fixed the FireFox4KbLimitation (thanks to DanielBaird for putting me on the right track)\n** Fixed problem with searching for regular expression characters, thanks to TimBaker\n** Fixed a slightly different problem with saving blank tiddlers\n** Added MoreTab with MissingTiddlers and OrphanTiddlers\n** Added ToggleLinks\n** Improved ReferencesButton\n* Revision 1.2.16, 6 June 2005\n** Fixed problem with blank tiddlers\n** A number of bug-fixes from PhilipHellyer:\n*** Improved URL detection for automatic linking\n*** More intelligent setting of the height of a tiddler edit box\n*** Fixed problem with the search button not responding unless the search text has changed\n* Revision 1.2.15, 6 June 2005\n** Completely rewritten StorageModel\n** Added MissingTab\n** Added StickyTabs that use a cookie to remember your current tab between sessions\n** Fixed problem with @@highlighted text@@, thanks to KamalFarizMahyuddin\n* Revision 1.2.14, 27 May 2005\n** Fixed problem with saving Unicode characters that aren't in the ANSI subset in InternetExplorer. This is particularly helpful when importing text from MicrosoftWord, which tends to replace normal ANSI quotes with fancy 'directional' ones like this one: ’\n** Added warning if TiddlyWiki has been saved using File/Save in the browser, as discussed in SaveUnpredictabilities\n* Revision 1.2.13, 26 May 2005\n** Fixed problem with custom StyleSheet on InternetExplorer (associated with a //Unterminated String Contstant// error)\n** Adjusted size of table text to match main body text\n* Revision 1.2.12, 25 May 2005\n** Added support for MonospacedText\n** Fixed problem with saving backslashes that was introduced in 1.2.10\n** Applied fix for some unwanted screen redraw artefacts (contributed by NathanBower)\n* Revision 1.2.11, 24 May 2005\n** Fixed problem with superfluous square brackets in PermaView and missing ones in PermaLinks\n** Fixed problem with 'ß' being wrongly classified as uppercase for WikiWord purposes\n** Needing further verification, a fix for some InternetExplorer formatting problems with lists, headings and tables\n* Revision 1.2.10, 23 May 2005\n** Added SaveEmptyTemplate option\n
There are now a couple of GoogleGroups for TiddlyWiki discussions. They are:\n* A TiddlyWikiGroup for general discussion and announcements at\n* A TiddlyWikiDevGroup for talking about TiddlyWiki development at\n\nAmongst the new TiddlyWikiAdaptations is EncryptedTiddlyWiki by Yoshimov which allows you to protect content with AES encryption. It joins a bunch of other adaptations that incorporate features like calendars, tagging and sortable tables, several of which have ServerSide features. I've also tried to gather together some of the TiddlyWikiTools that people have been working on.\n\nThis release finally adds [[Tags]] to TiddlyWiki, and also features extra KeyboardShortcuts, an improved MoreTab and a couple of BugFixes. See RevisionHistory for more details. Previous recent releases have added the ToggleLinks feature, an improved ReferencesButton and have finally done away with the FireFox4KbLimitation, freeing us to create unfeasibly large TiddlyWiki's.\n\nThere's also a new listing of TiddlyWikiExamples showing how people are using TiddlyWiki in areas as diverse as human rights, philosophy and sci-fi.\n\nIf you're still trying to get your head around what TiddlyWiki is all about, there is this [[tutorial|]].
This list is probably dwarfed by the UnknownBugs, but anyway, I'm planning to fix these:\n* InternetExplorer on Windows has a habit of merging consecutive spaces into one. This normally doesn't matter too much, but would trip you up if you tried to use NonWikiWordLinks to create a tiddler title with multiple consecutive spaces.\n* InternetExplorer doesn't always render the sidebar tabs correctly\n* Interleaving lists of BulletPoints with SubHeadings doesn't work properly\n* Hexadecimal coloured text formatting is broken
The first and original was [[PhpTiddlyWiki|]] from PatrickCurry and GabrielJeffrey that adds a simple ServerSide in PHP with MySQL. Patrick's site allows anyone to create and edit tiddlers, and has become the de facto community site around TiddlyWiki.\n\nI'm barely managing to keep up with all the adaptations out there; EmailMe if you've done one and you want it listed here.\n\nSome of the other adaptations include:\n* Yoshimov's EncryptedTiddlyWiki, at\n* TiagoDionizio's TsWiki using Tcl and SQLite, at\n* TimMorgan's ZiddlyWiki based on Zope, at\n* SteveRumsby's YetAnotherTiddlyWikiAdaptation at\n* PhonoHawk's PerlTiddlyWiki at\n* NathanBower's GTDTiddlyWiki at\n* SimonBaird's homepage at with various enhancements including a SortableGrid\n* GeetDuggal's PileTiddly at\n* DanPhiffer's TiddlyWikiRemote at\n* JonnyLeRoy's TiddlyTagWiki at\n* JodyFoo's TagglyWiki at\n* ChristianHauck's at\n* TonyLownds's TiddlyHacks at\n* AlanHecht's QwikiWeb at\n* TimCuthbertson and MattGiuca's TiddlyWikiCSS at\n\n* There's also KevemBuangga's TiddlyWikiClone at\n\nFirstVersionAdaptations SecondVersionAdaptations
Revision history for the ThirdVersion:\n* Revision 1.2.22, 20 June 2005\n** Corrected premature release date of revision 1.2.21 given in RevisionHistory(!)\n** Fixed ordering of 'search' matches and the MoreTab SpecialTiddlers mode to display ascending order by title\n** Fixed positioning of popup on 'Tag' tab on InternetExplorer\n* Revision 1.2.21, 17 June 2005\n** Added [[Tags]]\n** Improved CSS/JavaScript separation for setting edit box width\n** Fixed problem with saving backslashes (eg, c:\swindows\ssystem32\s)\n** Added SpecialTiddlers to MoreTab\n** Added 'Escape' to clear the search box to KeyboardShortcuts, thanks to ScatterBrain\n** Added automatic selection of the contents of search box when it gets the focus\n** Improved RssFeed - slightly - to include <br/>'s for newlines\n* Revision 1.2.20, 15 June 2005\n** Fixed problem with SaveEmptyTemplate and missing SpecialTiddlers\n** Fixed problem with PrettyLinks in HtmlTables, thanks to LyallPearce\n** Improved ReferencesButton to exclude self-referential links, thanks to AlanHecht\n** Fixed problem with apostrophes in BoldText and side-by-side BlockQuotes, thanks to GrantGongaware\n* Revision 1.2.19, 14 June 2005\n** Fixed embarrassing table display problem in IE\n** Improved tiddler refresh\n* Revision 1.2.18, 12 June 2005\n** Improved search performance by introducing a delay between a key press and doing the search\n** Fixed refresh of display after editing a tiddler (which means that MissingLinks get updated as soon as they are fixed)\n\nSee EarlyRevisionHistory for older revisions.
\nbla lba\n\nstart\n#item1\n#item2\n##item2.1\n##item2.2\n##item2.3\n#item3\n##item3.1\n###item3.1.1\n###item3.1.2\n\nend
(Iniziare a leggere questo tiddler dal suo fondo per capire)\n----\nBuona Notte.\n\nMa con che criterio devo decidere quando e come aprire un nuovo tiddler? (rivedere il WritingStyle)\n\nEcco il successivo pensiero: sono le 2.18 di notte, ho la luce accesa e T fa fatica a dormire ed io domani faro' fatica ad alzarmi. Mi induco quindi al sonno ben sapendo che questa rivoluzione copernicana dallo scrivere all'hyperscrivere mi svegliera' i pensieri a lungo.\n\nStrano questo procedere in quello che si potrebbe dire 'al contrario' ovvero verso l'alto: l'andare avanti procede regolare di lettera in lettera, parola in parola e poi riga in riga ma ad un certo punto la cesura: si taglia la linea e si ritorna al ramo principale (se mai ve ne e' stato uno)... con una struttura gerarchica o reticolare o boh... chi lo sa: sono in quella fase di perdita di interesse in cui viene voglia di passare a un successivo pensiero.\n\nHo deciso di passare ad un altro pensiero: si procedere verso la fluidificazione dello stesso pensare... se non devo mettere in bella linea i miei pensieri... beh: e' un bel vantaggio (va' che ho scoperto cosa e' che affascina tanti giovini a compilare i loro blog... la facolta' di pensare ad alta voce e ritrovarne traccia... Dio come penso BENE!!)\n\nVedendosi noioso: la storia del diario lineare a questo punto mi sembra noiosa, sebbene qui presto ci sara' un fiorire di tiddler di cui molti a bassa frequentazione tipo LettorE al quale si accede solo passando per HyperRacconto, ma forse questo e' proprio l'aspetto curioso delle mappe senza tracciato\n\nOggi e' il 6 Luglio 2005, forse e' una data importante. Abbiamo visto 'la guerra dei mondi' di Spielberg... caruccio, inoltre sono di nuovo disoccupato.\n\nQuesto oggetto (il TiddlyWiki) sta' crescendo ma quanto potra' crescere? sara' poi doloroso quando restero' bloccato da qualche vincolo? La sua eccezionalita' (rispetto al testo piano) non ne fara' una cosa 'impossibile'?\n\nDomanda, adesso dove metto il log faticosamente costruito nei tempi passati? ed il mio HyperRacconto e' gia' finito?\n\nDomanda: adesso che il pensiero attuale non e' piu' attuale cosa faccio? lo cancello? ma allora non rimane traccia... lo annovero nei PensieriPassati? ma poi non mi passa piu' dal punto di vista tecnico comunque ci provo: .... sono in seria difficolta': devo metterlo in ordine inverso oppure era piu' facile sovrapporre questo pensiero al precedente? la seconda che ho detto: adesso taglio tutto e lo incollo sopra: fatto, adesso questo pensiero sta' sopra il precedente.\n\n\nIl pensiero attuale e' che dividere il pensiero in pezzetti e' difficile (questo e' un HyperRacconto).
UsoDiQuestoSito\nNella colonna a destra (Timeline) e' possibile cliccare un tiddler. Se si trovano link scritti in italico significa che ancora devono essere scritti. Quando si passa con il mouse sopra un tiddler compaiono dei pulsanti ( ToolbarButtons). Si puo' quindi editare il testo con un doppio click o selezionanto 'edit' dalla toolbar stessa. Nota: i cambiamenti non diverranno mai permanenti in remoto (cioe' sul mio sito) ma si potra' comunque salvare una pagina in locale (sul proprio computer mediante la procedura descritta in SaveChanges)
A row of ToolbarButtons appears to the right of a tiddler title when the mouse is hovered over it. The buttons are:\n* ''close'' - chiude il tiddler corrente\n* ''edit'' - edit the current tiddler\n* ''permalink'' - puts a link direct to the current tiddler into the address bar\n* ''references'' - displays all the tiddlers that link to the current tiddler\n* ''done'' - save changes to a tiddler being editted\n* ''cancel'' - cancel changes to a tiddler being editted\n* ''delete'' - delete the current tiddler
Confermato: dando #ConfermaAddressBar dopo il path del file mi si e' aperto questo.Bene
lo provo con questa frase
Il pensiero attuale sono due: \n#ho pensato di mettere sul mio sito (ovvero qui) un indirizzo di posta di quelli temporanei in modo che mi si possa contattare senza che io mi ritrovi pieno di spam\n# come diavolo faccio ad aprire un tiddly nuovo? (risposta: lo contestualizzi istituendolo da qualche parte, lo richiami dall'address e poi dopo lo cerchi nei tiddler perduti e lo metti in rete (possono esistere pensieri autonomi... beh, forse no ma possono essere nati in un contesto //esterno// al TW (tiddly wiki) di qui in avanti (ma quale avanti?) va' beh.. dicevo.\n\n\nFine\nStop \nInoltre... dove metto questo pensiero attuale? potrei chiamarlo pensieroAttuale0001 e cosi' faro'.\n(poi dovro' ritagliar-se-selo) e metterlo li(qui).\n\nHo capito: (questo viene dal futuro, non c'era nella versione originale del tiddler) \n#si usa pensieroAttuale\n#si scrive tutto quello che //passa in'ta a' capa// \n#sfumato il pathos creativo si \n##rilegge quanto fatto \n##si pensa un nome\n##si taglia il tutto \n##si va' nella barra indirizzo \n##si aggiunge il nome appunto al path (es ....../index.html#QuestaFrase ) \n##si incolla quanto fatto \n\n(ancora piu' dal futuro): non funziona bene fa' pasticci meglio incorporare la parola maiuscola creare il tiddler incollare e poi al prossimo PensieroAttuale cancellare il precedente.
L'HyperRacconto e' un conglomerato di idee non linearizzato (come una sequenza di DNA) ma aggrovigliato come una proteina. Sei tu (caro LettorE) che sceglierai il modo per leggertelo.\n
Tutti i tiddler della pagina (che costituiscono il programma) SONO APERTI!!! posso modificarli e riscriverli in italiano (salvo non cambiarli il nome a meno di volerlo cambiare anche ovunque siano chiamati, come fa dreamweaver) nella barra permaview c'e' l'indicazione di chi lo richiama e se non fosse nessuno si puo' tranquillamente ridefinire. Ma se modifico la prima area qua' sopra cambia il nome del tiddler? provo con il nome UnaProva: funziona e cio' e' meraviglioso perche' e' esattamente quello che cercavo prima. Adesso risalvero' il tiddler con il nome TradurreTiddlyWiki per vedere se sparisce UnaProva. In effetti sparisce pero' allora deve essere sparito anche PensieroAttuale.Provo: [...] si era sparito anche lui.
Il LettorE di un HyperRacconto non deve semplicemente procedere verso destra e quindi verso il basso nel suo incedere bensi' ogni volta che trova un link puo' scegliere se seguirlo o meno... domanda ma come si fa poi a capire se l'HyperRacconto e' bello o meno? Beh... piu' o meno con gli stessi criteri del racconto canonico: se piace alla piu' parte dei lettori o la maggior parte delle volte che viene letto dal medesimo LettorE allora si puo' dire che l'HyperRacconto e' bello. [..] modificato
I've wanted to incorporate tags in TiddlyWiki since the very beginning. Annoyingly, the way that content was stored internally made it hard to implement tags in an elegant and robust way. Now, the new StorageModel has made it relatively painless to add tagging.\n\nThere were already two TiddlyWikiAdaptations incorporating tagging. I've tried to make my implementation compatible with both TagglyWiki and TiddlyTagWiki but it wasn't possible to do so 100%: one uses commas to delimit tags, and the other uses spaces. I decided to go with spaces, and to use double square brackets to wrap tags that themselves include spaces. The end result is that you'll be able to upgrade from either implementation, but expect to have to do some tweaking if you've got multiple tags on a tiddler.\n\nMy aim was to keep the tagging feature discrete and unobtrusive. Each tiddler now has a footer listing any tags attached to it. Clicking on one of the tags brings up a popup listing any other similarly tagged tiddlers. When editting, there's a new text box for entering tags. There's also a new 'Tags' tab on the sidebar that lists all the tags in use.\n\nThere's still some rough edges to the implementation: things go horribly wrong if you include double quotes in a tag, and the tag popup can sometimes stick when it shouldn't. More interestingly, I wanted to include the JodyFoo's idea of making tags be themselves tiddlers - I plan to come back and tweak the user interface to make that possible. I also plan to add an 'open all' option to the tag popup.\n[..] cambiata
Domanda: ma sara' poi possibile rileggere la storia di quanto mi sta' accadendo (curioso dal punto di vista pedagogico, magari un esercizio da assegnare agli allievi, in seguito)? guardando la time line si va' incontro al problema delle datadimodifica rispetto datadicreazione... per la storia e' importante solo la datadicreazione ma temo lui segua la data di modifica altrimenti il primo tiddler di venerdi 8 luglio sarebbe inizioe e non seiLuglioetc.. \n(nota volendo potrei tradurre i giorni)\nProvo allora a modificare LettorE per vedere se passa in testa (a proposito devo guardare le graduatorie) a tal fine chiamo questo TW GraudatoriE\n[..] e' passato in testa quindi fa fede la data di modifica e si perde un po' la storia. Boh comunque il disordine rimane confinato al giorno? Provo a cambiare la voce [[Tags]].\nE' cambiata e questo significa che quella non potra' mai essere una storia lineare ma solo una storia dinamica (ultima modifica avvenuta il ... ) (prima modifica?? boh) a meno che io lo piazzi da qualche parte ma poi dovrei avere uno strumento che lo legga.
Non lo so.
(Iniziare a leggere questo tiddler dal suo fondo per capire)\n----\nBuona Notte.\n\nMa con che criterio devo decidere quando e come aprire un nuovo tiddler? (rivedere il WritingStyle)\n\nEcco il successivo pensiero: sono le 2.18 di notte, ho la luce accesa e T fa fatica a dormire ed io domani faro' fatica ad alzarmi. Mi induco quindi al sonno ben sapendo che questa rivoluzione copernicana dallo scrivere all'hyperscrivere mi svegliera' i pensieri a lungo.\n\nStrano questo procedere in quello che si potrebbe dire 'al contrario' ovvero verso l'alto: l'andare avanti procede regolare di lettera in lettera, parola in parola e poi riga in riga ma ad un certo punto la cesura: si taglia la linea e si ritorna al ramo principale (se mai ve ne e' stato uno)... con una struttura gerarchica o reticolare o boh... chi lo sa: sono in quella fase di perdita di interesse in cui viene voglia di passare a un successivo pensiero.\n\nHo deciso di passare ad un altro pensiero: si procedere verso la fluidificazione dello stesso pensare... se non devo mettere in bella linea i miei pensieri... beh: e' un bel vantaggio (va' che ho scoperto cosa e' che affascina tanti giovini a compilare i loro blog... la facolta' di pensare ad alta voce e ritrovarne traccia... Dio come penso BENE!!)\n\nVedendosi noioso: la storia del diario lineare a questo punto mi sembra noiosa, sebbene qui presto ci sara' un fiorire di tiddler di cui molti a bassa frequentazione tipo LettorE al quale si accede solo passando per HyperRacconto, ma forse questo e' proprio l'aspetto curioso delle mappe senza tracciato\n\nOggi e' il 6 Luglio 2005, forse e' una data importante. Abbiamo visto 'la guerra dei mondi' di Spielberg... caruccio, inoltre sono di nuovo disoccupato.\n\nQuesto oggetto (il TiddlyWiki) sta' crescendo ma quanto potra' crescere? sara' poi doloroso quando restero' bloccato da qualche vincolo? La sua eccezionalita' (rispetto al testo piano) non ne fara' una cosa 'impossibile'?\n\nDomanda, adesso dove metto il log faticosamente costruito nei tempi passati? ed il mio HyperRacconto e' gia' finito?\n\nDomanda: adesso che il pensiero attuale non e' piu' attuale cosa faccio? lo cancello? ma allora non rimane traccia... lo annovero nei PensieriPassati? ma poi non mi passa piu' dal punto di vista tecnico comunque ci provo: .... sono in seria difficolta': devo metterlo in ordine inverso oppure era piu' facile sovrapporre questo pensiero al precedente? la seconda che ho detto: adesso taglio tutto e lo incollo sopra: fatto, adesso questo pensiero sta' sopra il precedente.\n\n\nIl pensiero attuale e' che dividere il pensiero in pezzetti e' difficile (questo e' un HyperRacconto).\n
Come si legge una //PoltigliA// di parole? Niente, semplicemente non si legge. Cosi' come non si stampa un modo di pensare o la psicologia di una persona... in ordine di cosa? una idea e' in ordine di tempo... lo si prende bimbo e si rivedono le cose... la rana .. la fava... e quando ti passa? Seppure simpatica l'idea di tenere traccia di come si e' sviluppato un pensiero siamo davvero certi che possa servire a qualcuno? dubito... detto in breve bisogna essere ben narcisi per pensare che una mappa della strada da noi percorsa possa essere piu' utile di una mappa... se poi per altro la mappa non si puo' fare perche' il //luogo// si modifica in itinere... beh tanto peggio... niente mappe, niente direzione, solo, appunto una //poltiglia// di parole.
A TiddlyWiki is like a blog because it's divided up into neat little chunks, but it encourages you to read it by hyperlinking rather than sequentially: if you like, a non-linear blog analogue that binds the individual microcontent items into a cohesive whole. I think that TiddlyWiki represents a novel medium for writing, and will promote it's own distinctive WritingStyle. This is the ThirdVersion of TiddlyWiki, which adds several NewFeatures. There are also several TiddlyWikiAdaptations by other developers based on earlier versions.
The first add-on tool for TiddlyWiki was IsaoSonobe's TiddlyWikiPod that let's you transfer the contents of a TiddlyWiki to an iPod (well, not an iPod shuffle).\n\nI don't know who to credit with this piece of neatness, but the 33ad blog features a tool to create a calendar in TiddlyWiki table format:
The format for PrettyLinks allows for links that open local or network folders. Depending on your browser and operating system, the folders are opened in Windows Explorer, the OS X Finder, or the browser itself.\n\nEdit this tiddler to see [[this link to a Windows network share|file://///server/share/folder/path/name]], [[this link to a Windows drive-mapped folder|file:///c:/folder/path/name]] and [[this link to a Unix-style folder|file:///folder/path/name]].
Non so se fare un tiddler con tutti i file (che comunque servirebbe per eventuali ricerche on-line. Si direi che lo faro': TuttiIfile e soprattutto non so se fare per ogni file una unica interfaccia di modo che LogicA si possa riferire ovunque e poi diventi laggiu' un link (provo).\nUna idea potrebbe essere che mettendo un underscore in fondo a una parola questa diventi un tiddler che punta a un file cosi' non devo tirarmi dietro gli indirizzi. Andata.\nNo. La cosa diventa troppo lunga. Regole per ordinare le cose che poi non possono essere rispettate creano piu' disordine che ordine. Produrro' poi in maniera automatica una procedura che elenchi tutti i file presenti nella directory (magari in php) per adesso metto le cose la' dove capita.\n E' anche vero che se do' un tiddler ad ogli file posso poi mettergli i tag!! proviamo con LogicA_ che taggo come 'matematica'.\nQuesto dei files e' un grosso pasticcio. per adesso semplicemente li inscatolo da qualche parte cercando di dare dei nomi furbi ai files.
(un sito non lineare)
{{{Monospaced text}}} is now supported, thanks to [[AlecThomas|]]. Edit this tiddler to see the syntax.\n\nYou can also have monospaced blocks (useful for source code):\n\n{{{\nvar posTop = findPosY(e);\nvar posBot = posTop + e.offsetHeight;\nvar winTop = findScrollY();\nvar winHeight = findWindowHeight();\nvar winBot = winTop + winHeight;\nif(posTop < winTop)\n return(posTop);\nelse if(posBot > winBot)\n {\n if(e.offsetHeight < winHeight)\n return(posTop - (winHeight - e.offsetHeight));\n else\n return(posTop);\n }\nelse\n return(winTop);\n}}}\n\nHere's a formatting variation for monospaced blocks. To use it, copy it into the StyleSheet tiddler, SaveChanges and refresh in your browser.\n\n{{{\n.viewer pre {\n border: 1px solid #660000;\n padding: 0.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0.5em;\n background: #eeeeaa;\n color: #660000;\n}\n}}}
* ''en(x)'' Restituisce la stringa pronta per essere stampata in notazione esponenziale (es 3 10^^4^^)\n* ''trunc(x,n)'' Tronca (o approssima, non ricordo) alla n^^ma^^ cifra dopo la virgola\n* ''sn(x)'' Restituisce la stringa in notazione scientifica\n* ''intrnd(a,b)'' intero casuale tra a e b\n* ''realrnd(a,b)'' casuale reale tra a e b\n{{{\ndot='.'\nfunction trunc(x,n){\n eval("y=10E"+(n-1))\n return parseInt(x*y)/y\n}\nfunction round(x,n){\n eval("y=10E"+(n-1))\n return Math.round(x*y)/y\n}\nfunction en(x){ // Esponential Notation\n k=-22\n while(Math.pow(10,k+=3)<=Math.abs(x)){}\n s=" "+ trunc(x/Math.pow(10,k-2),3)+" "+dot+"10"+"<sup>"+(k-2)+"</sup>"\n return s\n}\nfunction sn(x){ // Scientific Notation\n var s=""\n k=-25\n while(Math.pow(10,k++)<=Math.abs(x)){}\n s=" "+ round(x/Math.pow(10,k-2),3)+"<sup> "+dot+"</sup>10"+"<sup>"+(k-2)+"</sup>"\n return s\n}\nfunction hide(x,n){ // construct a vector with many wrong results and the n-th result correct\n var vv=new Array(11); // each wrong result is the double of the preceding\n var y=x/Math.pow(2,n);\n for(var i=1;i<=10;i++){\n vv[i]=sn(y*Math.pow(2,i));\n }\n return vv;\n}\nfunction hide2(x,n){ // idem like hide but with alternate sign to confuse ideas\n vv=new Array(11);\n var y=x/Math.pow(2,n)*Math.pow(-1,n);\n for(var i=1;i<=10;i++){\n vv[i]=sn(y*Math.pow(2,i)*Math.pow(-1,i));\n }\n return vv;\n}\nfunction rnd(){return Math.random()} // returns a real number between 0-1\nfunction intrnd(a,b){x=parseInt(Math.random()*(b-a)+a); return x;}\nfunction realrnd(a,b){ // return a real number between a and b \n return rnd()*(b-a)+a\n}\nfunction intRnd(a,b){return intrnd(a,b)}\nfunction realRnd(a,b){return realrnd(a,b)}\nfunction scegli(a){return ' '+a[intero(0,a.length)]+' '}\nfunction choise(a){return ' '+a[intero(0,a.length)]+' '}\nfunction mischia(v){ // scambia (lunghezza Vettore*4) volte coppie del vettore\n var l=v.length;\n for(var i=1;i<=v.length*4;i++){\n var a=parseInt(Math.random()*l);\n var b=parseInt(Math.random()*l);\n var x=v[a];var y=v[b];\n v[b]=x;v[a]=y;\n }\n return v;\n}\nfunction intero(a,b){x=parseInt(Math.random()*(b-a)+a); return x;}\nfunction scegli(a){return ' '+a[intero(0,a.length)]+' '}\n\n}}}
\n* ''setColor(c)''; predispone il colore di cio' che verra' disegnato in seguito (se non usato rimane nero)\n* ''setPoint(x,y)''; disegna un punto in x,y \n* ''drawLine(x0,y0,x1,y1)'': disegna una linea da x0,y0 a x1,y1 (coordinate schermo)\n* ''drawString(s,x,y)'': scrive 's' in coordinate x,y. 's' puo' contenere tag html\n* ''drawArc(x,y,l,h,alpha0,alpha1)'': draw an arc of oval from alpha0 to alpha1 (radians)\n* ''drawImage(x,y,fileName)'' : draws an image (fileName) in x,y \n* ''drawOval(x,y,width,heigth)'': draw an oval (or circle) (use last setColor color)\n* ''drawRect(x0,y0,width,heigth)'': draws a rectangle\n* ''fillArc(x,y,l,h,alpha0,alpha1)'': draw a filled arc of oval from alpha0 to alpha1 (radians)\n* ''fillRect(x0,y0,width,heigth,color)'': draw a filled rectangle (need color)\n* ''fillOval(x,y,width,heigth)'': draw a filled oval (or circle) (use last setColor color)\n\n{{{\nvar red='red';\nvar green='green';\nvar blue='blue';\nfunction drawArc(x,y,l,h,alpha0,alpha1){\n rx=l/2;ry=h/2;\n xc=x+rx;yc=y+ry\n da=Math.PI/360\n for(var alpha=alpha0;alpha<=alpha1;alpha+=da){\n drawLine(xc+rx*Math.cos(alpha),yc-ry*Math.sin(alpha),xc+rx*Math.cos(alpha+da),yc-ry*Math.sin(alpha+da));\n }\n}\nfunction drawImage(x,y,i) {\n document.writeln('<SPAN STYLE="position:absolute; left:'+x+'px; top:'+y+'px"><img src="../../../docu200408/gnzip/%27%2Bi%2B%27"></SPAN>');\n}\nfunction drawLine(x0,y0,x1,y1){\n dx=x1-x0;dy=y1-y0;\n if(y1>=y0){versoy=1}else{versoy=-1}\n if(x1>=x0){versox=1}else{versox=-1}\n npx=Math.abs(dx);npy=Math.abs(dy);\n var i=0;\n if( dx*dx >= dy*dy){ // tg <= 45°\n deY=dy/npx;\n with(document){\n while(i++<=npx){\n write('<SPAN STYLE="position:absolute; left:' +x0+ '; top:' +y0+ '">.</SPAN>');\n x0+=versox;y0+=deY\n }\n }\n }\n else{ // tg > 45°\n deX=dx/npy;\n with(document){\n while(i++<=npy){\n write('<SPAN STYLE="position:absolute; left:' +x0+ '; top:' +y0+ '">.</SPAN>');\n y0+=versoy;x0+=deX;\n }\n }\n }\n}\nfunction drawOval(x,y,l,h){\n rx=l/2;ry=h/2;\n xc=x+rx;yc=y+ry\n da=Math.PI/360\n for(var alpha=0;alpha<=6.29;alpha+=da){\n drawLine(xc+rx*Math.cos(alpha),yc- ry*Math.sin(alpha),xc+rx*Math.cos(alpha+da),yc- ry*Math.sin(alpha+da));\n }\n}\nfunction drawRect(x0,y0,l,h){\n x0=Math.floor(x0);y0=Math.floor(y0);\n l=Math.ceil(l);h=Math.ceil(h);\n drawLine(x0,y0,x0+l,y0);\n drawLine(x0,y0,x0,y0+h);\n drawLine(x0+l,y0+h,x0+l,y0);\n drawLine(x0+l,y0+h,x0,y0+h);\n}\nfunction drawString(s,x,y){\n document.write('<SPAN STYLE="position:absolute; left:' +x+ 'px; top:' +y+ 'px">'+s+'</SPAN>');\n}\nfunction fillArc(x,y,l,h,alpha0,alpha1){\n rx=l/2;ry=h/2;\n xc=x+rx;yc=y+ry\n da=Math.PI/180\n for(var alpha=alpha0;alpha<=alpha1;alpha+=da){\n drawLine(xc,yc,xc+rx*Math.cos(alpha+da),yc-ry*Math.sin(alpha+da));\n }\n}\nfunction fillOval(x,y,l,h){\n var rx=l/2; var ry=h/2;\n var xc=x+rx;var yc=y+ry\n for(var xx=x+l;xx>=-x;xx--){\n alpha=Math.acos((xx-x)/l)\n drawLine(xc+rx*Math.cos(alpha),yc-ry*Math.sin(alpha),xc+rx*Math.cos(-alpha),yc-ry*Math.sin(-alpha));\n }\n}\nfunction fillRect(x,y,w,h,color){\n document.write( '<DIV STYLE="position: absolute; top:'+ y+'; left:'+\n x+'; width:'+w+ '; height:'+h+'; background-color: '+ color+' " ></div>' )\n}\nfunction setColor(c){\n document.write('<font color='+c+'>');\n}\nfunction setPoint(x,y){ \n document.write(' <SPAN STYLE="position:absolute; left:' +x+ 'px; top:' +y+ 'px">.</SPAN> ' );\n}\n}}}
Le seguenti librerie sono di mia creazione e non protette da alcun copyright; si trovano nei file gngraph.txt, gnrandom.txt etc...\n\n*GnGraph: introduce istruzioni grafiche non presenti nel javascript: [[demo|demogngraph.html]]\n*GnMath: consente di usare simbologia matematica on-line senza uso di gif\n*GnRandom: una libreria per generare esercizi in automatico\n*GnGeo: una libreria per la geometria on-line\n\n
{{{\nfunction ww(){w(compattaABvC("","",arguments,""))}// stampa tutte le stringhe-argomenti passate\nfunction wwl(){w(compattaABvC("","",arguments,"")+'<br>')}// stampa tutte le stringhe-argomenti passate\nfunction log10(x){return Math.LOG10E*Math.log(x);}\nfunction say(x){eval("ww('"+x+"=',"+x+")")}// restituisce la stringa con dentro nome e valore variabile\nfunction ssay(){ // idem per piu' variabili\n for(var i=0;i<arguments.length;i++){\n var xqwsggrs=arguments[i];\n eval("ww('"+xqwsggrs+"=',"+xqwsggrs+")")\n }\n return s\n}\nfunction saySymbols(){ //autoillustra tutti i caratteri speciali e i loro nomi\nssay(\n" A " , " a " , " ag " , " ag " , " agBOTTOM " , " agMIDDLE " , " agTOP " , " aleph " , " alpha " , " and " , " angle " , " apix " , " approx " , " aq " , " aq " , " aqBOTTOM " , " aqMIDDLE " , " aqTOP " , " at " , " at " , " atMIDDLE " , " atTOP " , " B " , " bar " , " bar " , " beta " , " biapix " , " bifreccia " , " biimp " , " bitilde " , " bra " , " cap " , " cg " , " cg " , " cgBOTTOM " , " cgMIDDLE " , " cgTOP " , " coincide " , " comma " , " cq " , " cq " , " cqBOTTOM " , " cqMIDDLE " , " cqTOP " , " cr " , " Csi " , " Csi " , " csi " , " ct " , " ct " , " ctBOTTOM " , " ctBOTTOM " , " ctMIDDLE " , " ctTOP " , " cuori " , " cup " , " Delta " , " delta " , " diesis " , " diff " , " dot " , " dot " , " dots " , " downarrow " , " Downarrow " , " dp " , " E " , " empty " , " epsilon " , " eq " , " erba " , " eta " , " exists " , " f " , " fiori " , " forall " , " Gamma " , " gamma " , " ge " , " grades " , " gt " , " H " , " I " , " imm " , " include " , " included " , " includedeq " , " includeeq " , " infty " , " inset " , " int " , " intBOTTOM " , " intMIDDLE " , " intTOP " , " iota " , " Jota " , " Kappa " , " kappa " , " ket " , " Lambda " , " lambda " , " leftarrow " , " Lefttarrow " , " leq " , " lev " , " line " , " lt " , " M " , " minus " , " mu " , " N " , " n0 " , " n1 " , " n2 " , " n3 " , " n4 " , " n5 " , " n6 " , " n7 " , " n8 " , " n9 " , " nablagiu " , " ne " , " noinclude " , " nolispe " , " not " , " notinset " , " nu " , " nu " , " O " , " o " , " Omega " , " Omega " , " omega " , " omegabar " , " overscore " , " P " , " p " , " pc " , " pe " , " Phi " , " phi " , " PI " , " pi " , " picche " , " plus " , " pm " , " point " , " PPI " , " prop " , " Psi " , " psi " , " psi " , " pv " , " qp " , " quadri " , " Re " , " registered " , " ret " , " rho " , " rightarrow " , " Rigtharrow " , " root " , " Sigma " , " sigma " , " slash " , " square " , " SSigma " , " star " , " T " , " tau " , " teta " , " tilde " , " times " , " tm " , " tp " , " tp " , " Tr " , " tra " , " tx " , " underscore " , " Uparrow " , " vel " , " X " , " Y " , " yupsilon " , " Z " , " zeta " \n) \nww(l('agBig,aqBig,atBig,intBig,ctBig,cqBig,cgBig=',agBig,aqBig,atBig,intBig,ctBig,cqBig,cgBig))\n}\n\nfunction sayl(x){eval("ww('"+x+"=',"+x+",'<br>')")}\n\nfunction w(x){document.writeln(x)} // stampa semplice\n\nfunction l(){return compattaABvC("<table border=0 align=left valign=bottom ><tr>","<td valign=bottom>",arguments,"</table>")} //restituisce in linea\nfunction lc(){return compattaABvC("<table border=0 valign=center ><tr>","<td valign=center>",arguments,"</table>")}// idem centrata verticalmente\n\n\nfunction join(){return(compattaABvC("","",arguments,""))}\n\n\n \nfunction fontChar(f,c){ return "<font face="+f+">"+String.fromCharCode(c)+"</font>"}\n\nvar p="+",t="*",m="-",d=":"; // operatori aritmetici \nvar plus="+", time="*", menus="-", divide=":";\nvar x="x",y="y",z="z",a="a",b="b",c="c",d="d";e="e",o="o";A="A",B="B",C="C",D="D"; // variabili\nvar sx=" x ",sy=" y ",sz=" z ",sa=" a ",sb=" b ",sc=" c ",se=" e ",so=" o ";sA=" A ",sB=" B ",sC=" C "; // variabili con spazio\nvar comma=",";eq="=";\nvar bar="|";var _bar=" |";var bar_="| ";var _bar_=" | " // simboli comunque accessibili da tastiera\nvar ag="{",cg="}",aq="[",cq="]",at="(",ct=")"; // parentesi (a)perte e (c)hiuse\nvar s="&nbsp",sp=s+s;spa=s+s+s;spac=s+s+s+s;space=s+s+s+s+s; // spazi più o meno lunghi\n\n// abbreviazioni di comandi html\n/* momentaneamente sospesa \nfunction html(){\n var s="";\n for(var i=0;i<arguments.length;i++){\n s+="<"+eval("'"+arguments[i]+"'")+">"\n }\n return s;\n}\n*/\n\n\n\n\n// PARENTESI GRANDI **************\nvar atUP = fontChar("Symbol",230);var atMIDDLE = fontChar("Symbol",231);\nvar atBOTTOM = fontChar("Symbol",232);var ctUP = fontChar("Symbol",246);\nvar ctMIDDLE = fontChar("Symbol",247);var ctBOTTOM = fontChar("Symbol",248);\nvar atBig= mat31(atUP,atMIDDLE,atBOTTOM) \nvar ctBig= mat31(ctUP,ctMIDDLE,ctBOTTOM) \n\n\nvar aqUP = fontChar("Symbol",233);var aqMIDDLE = fontChar("Symbol",234);\nvar aqBOTTOM = fontChar("Symbol",235);var cqUP = fontChar("Symbol",249);\nvar cqMIDDLE = fontChar("Symbol",250);var cqBOTTOM = fontChar("Symbol",251);\nvar aqBig = mat31(aqUP,aqMIDDLE,aqBOTTOM) \nvar cqBig = mat31(cqUP,cqMIDDLE,cqBOTTOM) \n\nvar agUP = fontChar("Symbol",236);var agMIDDLE = fontChar("Symbol",237);\nvar agBOTTOM = fontChar("Symbol",238);var cgUP = fontChar("Symbol",252);\nvar cgMIDDLE = fontChar("Symbol",253);var cgBOTTOM = fontChar("Symbol",254);\nvar agBig = mat31(agUP,agMIDDLE,agBOTTOM) \nvar cgBig = mat31(cgUP,cgMIDDLE,cgBOTTOM) \n\nvar intUP = fontChar("Symbol",243);var agMIDDLE = fontChar("Symbol",237);\nvar intOTTOM = fontChar("Symbol",244);var cgUP = fontChar("Symbol",252);\nvar intMIDDLE = fontChar("Symbol",245);var cgBOTTOM = fontChar("Symbol",254);\nvar intBig = mat31(agUP,agMIDDLE,cgBOTTOM) \nvar intLittle = fontChar("Symbol",242);var agMIDDLE = fontChar("Symbol",237);\n\n// **********************************************\n\nfunction pow(a,b){ return a+"<sup>"+b+"</sup>" }\n\n// FUNZIONI A NUMERO DI ARGOMENTI VARIABILE\nfunction toVett(){return arguments}\nfunction compatta(x){var s="";for(var i=0;i<x.length;i++){s+=x[i];}return s}// compatta tutti gli argomenti in una stringa\nfunction compattaABvC(A,B,v,C){var s=A;for(var i=0;i<v.length;i++){s+=B+v[i];}return s+C}// compatta tutti gli argomenti in una stringa\nfunction bold(){return compattaABvC("<b>","",arguments,"</b>")} // compatta con prefisso, infisso e suffisso\nfunction mat31(a,b,c){ // restituisce 3 dati incolonnati\n return "<table border=0 CELLPADDING=0 CELLSPACING=0><td align=center>"+a+\n "<tr><td align=center>"+b+\n "<tr><td align=center>"+c+"</table>" \n}\nfunction red(){return compattaABvC("<font color=red>","",arguments,"</font>")}\nfunction frac(num,den){ return mat31(num,"<hr color=black width=105%>",den)} // frazione\nfunction overline(x){\n return "<table border=0 align=left valign=bottom >"+\n "<tr> <td><hr color=black ><tr >"+\n "<td ><tr valign=top> <td align=center valign=top>"+\n x+"</table>"\n}\n\n\n//:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::// \n// \n// Here (using the 'interpret' instruction ie 'eval' ) are constructed the constants\n// you will use; For each of the character of the font SYMBOL either is unusefull ("a") or\n// it is the symbol we need, for example 'include'. The eval instructions will construct the variable\n//\nvar cdot='<sup>.</sup>';\nvar simbols=[\n"a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a" //1-10\n,"a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a" //11-20\n,"a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a" //21-30\n,"a","a","a","pe","forall","diesis","exists","pc","and","nolispe" //31-40\n,"at","ct","star","plus","comma","minus","point","slash","n0","n1" //41-50\n,"n2","n3","n4","n5","n6","n7","n8","n9","dp","pv" //51-60\n,"lt","eq","gt","qp","approx","A","B","X","Delta","E" //61-70\n,"Phi","Gamma","H","I","Jota","Kappa","Lambda","M","N","O" //71-80\n,"PI","Omega","P","Sigma","T","Y","Csi","Omega","Csi","Psi" //81-90\n,"Z","aq","tp","cq","Tr","underscore","overscore","alpha","beta","csi" //91-100\n,"delta","epsilon","phi","gamma","eta","iota","psi","kappa","lambda","mu"//101-110\n,"nu","o","pi","teta","rho","sigma","tau","nu","omegabar","omega" //111-120\n,"yupsilon","psi","zeta","ag","bar","cg","tilde","a","a","a" //121-130\n,"a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a" //131-140\n,"a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a" //141-150\n,"a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a","a" //151-160\n,"a","erba","apix","leq","a","infty","f","fiori","quadri","cuori" //161-170\n,"picche","bifreccia","leftarrow","a","rightarrow","downarrow","grades","pm","biapix","ge" //171-180\n,"times","prop","diff","dot","tra","ne","coincide","bitilde","dots","bar"//181-190\n,"line","ret","aleph","imm","Re","p","tx","tp","empty","cap" //191-200\n,"cup","include","includeeq","noinclude","included","includedeq","inset","notinset","angle","nablagiu"//201-210\n,"registered","cr","tm","PPI","root","dot","not","vel","lev","biimp" //211-220\n,"Lefttarrow","Uparrow","Rigtharrow","Downarrow","bra","a","a","a","SSigma",//221-230\n,"atTOP","atMIDDLE","ctBOTTOM","aqTOP","aqMIDDLE","aqBOTTOM","agTOP","agMIDDLE","agBOTTOM","a"//231-240\n,"square","ket","int","intTOP","intMIDDLE","intBOTTOM","ctTOP","ctMIDDLE","ctBOTTOM"//241-250\n,"cqTOP","cqMIDDLE","cqBOTTOM","cgTOP","cgMIDDLE","cgBOTTOM","a","a","a"//251-255??\n];\n\n// Constructing variable (also with a space in front and/or at end for emproving printing)\n// _diesis will be " #" , _diesis_ will be " # "\n//\nfor(var k=33;k<255;k++){\n if(k==39){nolispe=fontChar("Symbol",39);continue}\n zz=( "var "+ simbols[k] + "='" +fontChar("Symbol",k) +"';" )\n zpre=( "var _"+ simbols[k] + "= '" +fontChar("Symbol",k) +"';" )\n zpost=( "var "+ simbols[k] + "_='" +fontChar("Symbol",k) +" ';" )\n zprepost=( "var _"+ simbols[k] + "_=' " +fontChar("Symbol",k) +" ';" )\n eval(zz);eval(zpre);eval(zpost);eval(zprepost);\n}\n// \n//\n//:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::\n\n// Here we define variable _a= "a" and _b="b" and _A="A" and _B="B" in order to use them without\n// opening and closin apix \n// It has been choseen to use _a to let free for the user the a variable or the i variable\n// hoping user is not used to use underscore!!\n// Here there is no multiple declaration with blank so if you want to write " a " just write " a ".\n\nvar autodefined=["a","b","c","d","e","f","g","h","i","j","k","l","m","n","o","p","q","r","s","t","u","v","w","x","y","z"];\nfor(var k=0;k<autodefined.length;k++){\n eval("_"+autodefined[k]+"='"+autodefined[k]+"';")\n eval("_"+autodefined[k].toUpperCase()+"='"+autodefined[k].toUpperCase()+"';")\n}\n}}}
\n\n\n Copernico\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n Scientifica\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
Alcuni esercizi svolti sulle frazioni [[EsFrazioni2.html|EsFrazioni2.html]]\nUna lieve modifica ad un programma di analisi test a scelta multipla [[GNJStest.html|GNJStest.html]]\nLa libreria grafica: [[GNgraph.txt|GNgraph.txt]]\nAlcuni link [[GNlinks.html|GNlinks.html]]\nUn indice antico ed enorme [[Hugeindex.html|Hugeindex.html]]\nUn breviario delle istruzioni JavaScript [[JSmanual.html|JSmanual.html]]\nUn breviario delle istruzioni JavaScript versione 2004 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3E.html\n[[compitoEq1.html\nCOMPIT~3 HTM 2.359 11/06/05 6.41 compitoEsplicita.html\nCOMPIT~4 HTM 2.961 11/06/05 6.41 compitoFor.html\nCOMPIT~5 HTM 4.047 11/06/05 6.41 compitoFrazioni.html\nCOMPIT~6 HTM 6.172 11/06/05 6.41 compitoGas.html\nCOMPIT~7 HTM 16.481 11/06/05 6.41 compitoIVSceltaMultipla.html\nCOMPIT~8 HTM 3.452 11/06/05 6.41 compitoInsiemi1.html\nCOMPIT~9 HTM 4.399 11/06/05 6.41 compitoInsiemi2.html\nCOMPI~10 HTM 3.401 11/06/05 6.41 compitoInsiemi3.html\nCOMPI~11 HTM 15.172 11/06/05 6.41 compitoVSceltaMultipla.html\nCOMPLE~1 HTM 500 11/06/05 6.41 complessi.html\nCONFIG INC 374 11/06/05 6.41\nCORREZ~1 HTM 4.679 11/06/05 6.41 correzErroriIB.html\nCOUNT 44 11/06/05 6.41 count\nCURSOR~1 HTM 4.089 11/06/05 6.41 cursore1.html\nCURSOR~2 HTM 3.960 11/06/05 6.41 cursore2.html\nDAR2AR3 JPG 68.608 11/06/05 6.41 daR2aR3.jpg\nDATOGL~1 HTM 227 11/06/05 6.41 datogliere.html\nDBALLI~1 HTM 3.409 11/06/05 6.41 dbAllievi.html\nDBPAGINE HTM 9.024 11/06/05 6.41 dbPagine.htm\nDEFAULT ASP 599 11/06/05 6.41 default.asp\nDEMOGN~1 HTM 1.223 11/06/05 6.41 demognLib.html\nDEMOGN~2 HTM 17.623 11/06/05 6.41 demognMath3.html\nDIDATT~1 DOC 69.120 11/06/05 6.41 didattica.doc\nDIDFIS~1 DOC 166.400 11/06/05 6.41 didfisRelazio.doc\nDIGI_A~1 JS 1.627 11/06/05 6.41 digi_ad_11.js\nDINAMICA HTM 655 11/06/05 6.41 dinamica.htm\nDINAMI~1 HTM 655 11/06/05 6.41 dinamica.html\nDINAMI~1 0 11/06/05 6.41 dinamica_file\nDISPLAY INC 309 11/06/05 6.42\nEDIT PHP 2.106 11/06/05 6.42 edit.php\nELENCO~1 HTM 14.162 11/06/05 6.42 elencofile.html\nELENCO~1 TXT 13.857 11/06/05 6.42 elencofile.txt\nELLISS~1 HTM 2.076 11/06/05 6.42 ellisse.html\nENLEGA~1 HTM 4.700 11/06/05 6.42 enLegame.html\nES3E00~1 HTM 49.834 11/06/05 6.42 es3E001.html\nESINSI~1 HTM 3.571 11/06/05 6.42 esInsiemi1.html\nESINSI~2 HTM 4.514 11/06/05 6.42 esInsiemi2.html\nESEMPI~1 HTM 5.471 11/06/05 6.42 esempiInterattivi.html\nESERCI~1 HTM 118 11/06/05 6.42 eserciziFrazioni.html\nESERCI~1 0 11/06/05 6.42 eserciziJS\nESERCI~2 HTM 3.827 11/06/05 6.42 eserciziOnde2sorgenti.html\nESERCI~3 HTM 1.217 11/06/05 6.42 esercizioMartedi.html\nF0000D~1 HTM 1.074 11/06/05 6.42 f0000dinamica.html\nF0001E~1 HTM 2.081 11/06/05 6.42 f0001ellisse.html\nF0002C~1 HTM 934 11/06/05 6.42 f0002cripto.html\nF0003V~1 XLS 108.032 11/06/05 6.42 f0003video.xls\nF0004V~1 HTM 30.894 11/06/05 6.42 f0004videoOnde.html\nF0004V~1 TXT 22.103 11/06/05 6.42 f0004videoOnde.txt\nF0005M~1 DOC 35.840 11/06/05 6.42 f0005misurag.doc\nFARESI~1 HTM 13.124 11/06/05 6.42 faresitisuDigilander.html\nFIG5 GIF 29.846 11/06/05 6.42 fig5.gif\nFILES TXT 7.376 11/06/05 6.42 files.txt\nFILES2~1 HTM 8.052 11/06/05 6.42 files2.html\nFILES2 TXT 7.716 11/06/05 6.42 files2.txt\nFILMFS05 XLS 17.920 11/06/05 6.42 filmfs05.xls\nFORMES~1 HTM 3.986 11/06/05 6.42 formEsempio.html\nFRASII~1 TXT 400 11/06/05 6.42 frasiInCodice.txt\nFREWEB~1 HTM 3.447 11/06/05 6.42 frewebsp.html\nFUNZIO~1 HTM 491 11/06/05 6.42 funzionemat.html\nFUNZIONI TXT 8.719 11/06/05 6.42 funzioni.txt\nGAUSSI~1 HTM 2.269 11/06/05 6.42 gaussiana.html\nGBINFO~1 HTM 11.101 11/06/05 6.42 gbInfo.html\nGIOCHI~1 HTM 952 11/06/05 6.42 giochi.html\nGIOVANNI JPG 64.691 11/06/05 6.42 giovanni.jpg\nGIUGNO~1 HTM 6.318 11/06/05 6.42 giugnoIV.html\nGNDATA~1 HTM 7.242 11/06/05 6.42 gnDataSheet.html\nGNLIB TXT 10.808 11/06/05 6.42 gnLib.txt\nGNLIB2 TXT 24.953 11/06/05 6.42 gnLib2.txt\nGNLIB3 TXT 24.915 11/06/05 6.42 gnLib3.txt\nGNMATH2 TXT 6.254 11/06/05 6.43 gnMath2.txt\nGNMATH3 TXT 18.836 11/06/05 6.43 gnMath3.txt\nGNMATH4 TXT 18.361 11/06/05 6.43 gnMath4.txt\nGNMATH5 TXT 12.787 11/06/05 6.43 gnMath5.txt\nGNMATRIX TXT 1.401 11/06/05 6.43 gnMatrix.txt\nGNFORM~1 TXT 3.187 11/06/05 6.42 gnformules.txt\nGNGEO TXT 2.049 11/06/05 6.42 gngeo.txt\nGNLIB ZIP 10.579 11/06/05 6.42\nGNLIB4 TXT 25.384 11/06/05 6.42 gnlib4.txt\nGNLIBHM HTM 2.006 11/06/05 6.43 gnlibHm.htm\nGNLIBH~1 HTM 2.110 11/06/05 6.43 gnlibhtm2.htm\nGNMANUAL TXT 17.145 11/06/05 6.43 gnmanual.txt\nGNMATH~1 TXT 576 11/06/05 6.43 gnmath2006.txt\nGNPHYS~1 TXT 5.870 11/06/05 6.43 gnphysics.txt\nGNRANDOM TXT 2.409 11/06/05 6.43 gnrandom.txt\nGRADUA~1 HTM 18.041 11/06/05 6.43 graduatoriaA038To2004.htm\nGRADUA~2 HTM 22.971 11/06/05 6.43 graduatoriaA049To2004.htm\nGRAFICA PAS 1.286 11/06/05 6.43 grafica.pas\nHP~1 HTM 907 11/06/05 6.43 hp.html\nHP2~2 HTM 907 11/06/05 6.43 hp2.html\nIDXCMP~1 HTM 1.221 11/06/05 6.43 idxCmpt.html\nIDXPRI~1 HTM 2.553 11/06/05 6.43 idxPrima.html\nIDXQUA~1 HTM 53 11/06/05 6.43 idxQuarta.html\nIDXSEC~1 HTM 2.237 11/06/05 6.43 idxSeconda.html\nIDXTER~1 HTM 53 11/06/05 6.43 idxTerza.html\nIDXVEN~1 HTM 271 11/06/05 6.43 idxVenaria.html\nIFILE TXT 6.799 11/06/05 6.43 ifile.txt\nIMGUSO GIF 1.060 11/06/05 6.43 imgUso.gif\nINCRIP~1 HTM 4.458 11/06/05 6.43 incripta.html\nINDEX~1 HTM 486 11/06/05 6.43 index.html\nINDEX PHP 1.100 11/06/05 6.43 index.php\nINDEX2~2 HTM 25.058 11/06/05 6.43 index2.html\nINDEXA~2 HTM 3.828 11/06/05 6.43 indexApplet.html\nINDEXD~2 HTM 790 11/06/05 6.43 indexDerive.html\nINDEXD~3 HTM 1.807 11/06/05 6.43 indexDid.html\nINDEXF~2 HTM 24.588 11/06/05 6.43 indexFisica.html\nINDEXG~2 HTM 472 11/06/05 6.43 indexGBruno.html\nINDEXG~3 HTM 3.257 11/06/05 6.43 indexGNgraph.html\nINDEXG~4 HTM 1.085 11/06/05 6.43 indexGNmath.html\nINDEXH~2 HTM 1.768 11/06/05 6.43 indexHtml.html\nINDEXI~2 HTM 6.089 11/06/05 6.43 indexInformatica.html\nINDEXJ~2 HTM 8.072 11/06/05 6.44 indexJS.html\nINDEXJ~3 HTM 2.126 11/06/05 6.43 indexJava.html\nINDEXJ~4 HTM 12.748 11/06/05 6.43 indexJavaScript.html\nINDEXL~2 HTM 250 11/06/05 6.44 indexLgc.html\nINDEXM~2 HTM 4.799 11/06/05 6.44 indexMatematica.html\nINDEXP~2 HTM 9.917 11/06/05 6.44 indexPagineAllievi.html\nINDEXP~3 HTM 1.526 11/06/05 6.44 indexPascal.html\nINDEXP~4 HTM 500 11/06/05 6.44 indexPrimaBs.html\nINDEXR~2 HTM 2.741 11/06/05 6.44 indexRaiEducational.html\nINDEXS~2 HTM 966 11/06/05 6.44 indexSIS.html\nINDEXT~2 HTM 1.462 11/06/05 6.44 indexTiroMatGBruno.html\nINDEXA~3 HTM 1.119 11/06/05 6.43 indexaprile.html\nINDEXB~2 HTM 65.321 11/06/05 6.43 indexbig.html\nINDEXO~2 HTM 25.691 11/06/05 6.44 indexold.html\nINDEXT~3 HTM 28.743 11/06/05 6.44 indexterry.html\nINSIEM~1 HTM 4.442 11/06/05 6.44 insiemi.html\nINTEGRAL PAS 438 11/06/05 6.44 integral.pas\nINTERN~1 GIF 8.220 11/06/05 6.44 internet2004.gif\nJS12ES~1 HTM 9.740 11/06/05 6.44 js 12 esercizi.html\nJSESER~1 HTM 424 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio altri.html\nJSESER~2 HTM 276 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio for0.html\nJSESER~3 HTM 362 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio for0bis.html\nJSESER~4 HTM 303 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio for1.html\nJSESER~5 HTM 369 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio for1bis.html\nJSESER~6 HTM 413 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio for1cinque.html\nJSESER~7 HTM 407 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio for1quater.html\nJSESER~8 HTM 412 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio for1ter.html\nJSESER~9 HTM 566 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio for2.html\nJSESE~10 HTM 428 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio for3.html\nJSESE~11 HTM 605 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio for4.html\nJSESE~12 HTM 1.462 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio indice.html\nJSESE~13 HTM 354 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio inout0.html\nJSESE~14 HTM 322 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio inout1.html\nJSESE~15 HTM 911 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio inout2.html\nJSESE~16 HTM 530 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio ric1.html\nJSESE~17 HTM 526 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio tab0.html\nJSESE~18 HTM 543 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio tab1.html\nJSESE~19 HTM 636 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio tab2.html\nJSESE~20 HTM 489 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio tab3.html\nJSESE~21 HTM 430 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio tab4.html\nJSESE~22 HTM 819 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio tab4bis.html\nJSESE~23 HTM 1.033 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio tab5.html\nJSESE~24 HTM 605 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio tab6.html\nJSESE~25 HTM 528 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio vet0.html\nJSESE~26 HTM 650 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio vet0bis.html\nJSESE~27 HTM 904 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio vet0ter.html\nJSESE~28 HTM 442 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio vet1.html\nJSESE~29 HTM 398 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio vet2.html\nJSESE~30 HTM 528 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio vet3.html\nJSESE~31 HTM 888 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio vet4.html\nJSESE~32 HTM 819 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio vet5.html\nJSESE~33 HTM 1.076 11/06/05 6.44 js esercizio vet6.html\nJS11ES~1 HTM 2.044 11/06/05 6.44 js11esercizi.html\nJSCURS~1 HTM 4.089 11/06/05 6.44 jsCursor1.html\nJSCURS~2 HTM 4.682 11/06/05 6.44 jsCursor2.html\nJSDBST~1 TXT 9.943 11/06/05 6.45 jsdbstudenti.txt\nLANGUA~1 INC 1.012 11/06/05 6.45\nLANGUA~2 INC 942 11/06/05 6.45\nLANGUAGE INC 38 11/06/05 6.45\nLANGUA~3 INC 971 11/06/05 6.45\nLEZIOI~1 HTM 3.935 11/06/05 6.45 lezioInsiemi.html\nLEZIONE1 1.951 11/06/05 6.45 lezione1\nLEZION~1 HTM 19.146 11/06/05 6.45 lezione3PNI001.html\nLIBROJ~1 HTM 46.173 11/06/05 6.45 libroJSmate.html\nLICEIT~1 HTM 3.534 11/06/05 6.45 liceiTorino.html\nLINK2~1 HTM 5.923 11/06/05 6.45 link2.html\nLIST PHP 437 11/06/05 6.45 list.php\nLOG~1 HTM 939 11/06/05 6.45 log.html\nLOGICA~2 HTM 463 11/06/05 6.45 logica.html\nLOGIN PHP 1.846 11/06/05 6.45 login.php\nMANUAL TXT 10.440 11/06/05 6.45 manual.txt\nMAPCASA TXT 213 11/06/05 6.45 mapCasa.txt\nMAPPAW~1 TXT 5.880 11/06/05 6.45 mappaWord.txt\nMAPPAW~1 JPG 312.769 11/06/05 6.45 mappaWord3.jpg\nMARIFASA HTM 0 11/06/05 6.45 marifasa.htm\nMARIFA~1 HTM 2.588 11/06/05 6.45 marifasa.html\nMATHSI~1 HTM 3.663 11/06/05 6.45 mathSimbols.html\nMATRIX~1 HTM 748 11/06/05 6.45 matrix.html\nMEGLIO~1 HTM 48.239 11/06/05 6.45 meglioScuola.htm\nMINIMO~1 HTM 587 11/06/05 6.45 minimoinvett.html\nMODU TXT 8.943 11/06/05 6.45 modu.txt\nMODULO~1 HTM 9.051 11/06/05 6.45 moduloEsercizio.htm\nMYSTYLE CSS 811 11/06/05 6.45 myStyle.css\nMYEXCE~1 HTM 7.242 11/06/05 6.45 myexcel.html\nNARRAT~1 DOC 75.776 11/06/05 6.45 narrativa.doc\nNASO~1 HTM 82 11/06/05 6.45 naso.html\nNASOPR~1 JPG 1.194.983 11/06/05 6.46 nasoPrima.jpg\nNASOORA JPG 686.416 11/06/05 6.45 nasoora.JPG\nNEWIND~1 HTM 17.438 11/06/05 6.46 newIndex.html\nNEWINDEX TXT 33.602 11/06/05 6.46 newIndex.txt\nNICOLA~1 HTM 47 11/06/05 6.46 nicola.html\nNOMI XLS 15.872 11/06/05 6.46 nomi.xls\nNUCLID~1 HTM 2.702 11/06/05 6.46 nuclidi.html\nOGGVAR~1 HTM 6.976 11/06/05 6.46 oggVariabiliCalcoli2.html\nOGGVAR~2 HTM 6.842 11/06/05 6.46 oggVariabiliCalcoli3.html\nOGGETT~1 HTM 715 11/06/05 6.46 oggettipeople.html\nOLDIND~1 HTM 23.945 11/06/05 6.46 oldIndex.html\nONDE2~1 HTM 2.103 11/06/05 6.46 onde2.html\nONDEES~1 HTM 3.827 11/06/05 6.46 ondeEser.html\nPASCAL~3 HTM 2.752 11/06/05 6.46 pascalfunzione.html\nPIGREC~1 HTM 3.996 11/06/05 6.46 pigrecoGraphic.html\nPORTFO~1 0 11/06/05 6.46 portfolio\nPORTFO~1 HTM 2.282 11/06/05 6.46 portfolio.htm\nPOSTA JPG 2.188 11/06/05 6.46 posta.jpg\nPOSTIN~1 HTM 2.510 11/06/05 6.46 postinfo.html\nPRIMAC~1 HTM 10.631 11/06/05 6.48 primaCap3.html\nPRIMAL~1 HTM 2.111 11/06/05 6.48 primaLiceo.htm\nPRIMAL~2 HTM 2.111 11/06/05 6.48 primaLiceo.html\nPRIMAL~1 TEX 1.165 11/06/05 6.48 primaLiceo.tex\nPRIMO PHP 107 11/06/05 6.48 primo.php\nPRINCI~1 HTM 1.725 11/06/05 6.48 principaliIstruzioni.html\nPRINCI~2 HTM 7.169 11/06/05 6.48 principaliJS.html\nPROGRA~1 1.123 11/06/05 6.48 programma1\nPROGRA~1 HTM 4.511 11/06/05 6.48 programma1.html\nPROGRA~2 HTM 3.115 11/06/05 6.48 programma3.html\nPROGRA~3 HTM 3.696 11/06/05 6.48 programma3E.html\nPROGRA~4 HTM 2.146 11/06/05 6.48 programma4.html\nPROGRA~5 HTM 7.493 11/06/05 6.48 programmiLibro.html\nPROTOC~1 HTM 2.555 11/06/05 6.48 protocollo.html\nPROVAPHP PHP 106 11/06/05 6.48 provaPhp.php\nPROVAS~1 HTM 555 11/06/05 6.48 provaSpanFunzione2.html\nPROVA_~1 HTM 96 11/06/05 6.48 prova_tani.html\nPROVEC~1 HTM 813 11/06/05 6.48 proveCookie.htm\nPROVEC~2 HTM 813 11/06/05 6.48 proveCookieOK.htm\nPUBLIC~1 HTM 11.015 11/06/05 6.48 publicLog.html\nQUADER~1 HTM 37.738 11/06/05 6.48 quaderno1Bs.html\nQUADRATO TXT 2.605 11/06/05 6.48 quadrato.txt\nQUESTI~1 DOC 43.520 11/06/05 6.48 questionarioeuropa.doc\nQUINTA~1 HTM 18.262 11/06/05 6.48 quintaLiceo.html\nQUINTA~1 TEX 3.091 11/06/05 6.48 quintaLiceo.tex\nQUIZ~1 HTM 6.830 11/06/05 6.48 quiz.html\nQUIZLO~2 HTM 7.282 11/06/05 6.48 quizLocal.html\nREFERE~1 HTM 5.281 11/06/05 6.48 referenceManual.html\nRICERC~1 HTM 85.503 11/06/05 6.48 ricercaAvanzata.html\nSCHEDU~1 HTM 64.360 11/06/05 6.48 schedulingECDL.html\nSCHEDU~2 HTM 56.295 11/06/05 6.48 schedulingECDL2.html\nSCHELE~1 HTM 212 11/06/05 6.48 scheletonAppletTradotte.html\nSCRITTI HTM 18.592 11/06/05 6.49 scritti.htm\nSETS~1 HTM 3.632 11/06/05 6.49 sets.html\nSHOWAL~1 HTM 17.626 11/06/05 6.49 showallfiles.html\nSHOWQU~1 HTM 436 11/06/05 6.49 showquad.html\nSOLUZD~1 HTM 15.851 11/06/05 6.49 soluzDescrittiva.html\nSOLUZI~1 HTM 15.053 11/06/05 6.49 soluzioni compito 3e.html\nSTATDE~1 HTM 10.411 11/06/05 6.49 statdescrittiva.html\nSTATIS~1 HTM 22.320 11/06/05 6.49 statistica3.html\nSTATIS~2 HTM 6.431 11/06/05 6.49 statisticheVarie.html\nSTUDEN~1 HTM 1.234 11/06/05 6.49 studenti.html\nSTUDIOF HTM 10.507 11/06/05 6.49 studioF.htm\nSTUDIOF TEX 5.153 11/06/05 6.49 studioF.tex\nSUPPLE~1 HTM 4.366 11/06/05 6.49 supplenzeHowTo.htm\nSYMBOL~1 HTM 27.290 11/06/05 6.49 symbol.html\nTAPE1 TXT 7.908 11/06/05 6.49 tape1.txt\nTEMPLA~1 HTM 586 11/06/05 6.49 template.html\nTERZAD~1 HTM 1.689 11/06/05 6.49 terzaDinamica.html\nTERZAD~2 HTM 3.535 11/06/05 6.49 terzaDinamicaForzato.html\nTESTEQ~1 HTM 3.655 11/06/05 6.49 testEqGrado1.html\nTESTAC~1 PAS 1.281 11/06/05 6.49 testaCroce.pas\nTESTGN~1 HTM 1.210 11/06/05 6.49 testgngeo.html\nTESTGN~2 HTM 3.820 11/06/05 6.49 testgngraph.htm\nTESTGN~3 HTM 3.930 11/06/05 6.49 testgngraph.html\nTESTGN~4 HTM 1.733 11/06/05 6.49 testgnmath.htm\nTESTGN~5 HTM 1.641 11/06/05 6.49 testgnmath.html\nTOPOGA~1 GIF 110.880 11/06/05 6.49 topoGatto.gif\nTORINO4 HTM 395.182 11/06/05 6.49 torino4.htm\nTORINO4 RTF 138.195 11/06/05 6.49 torino4.rtf\nULTIMO~1 HTM 8.345 11/06/05 6.49 ultimoIII.html\nULTIMO~2 HTM 7.049 11/06/05 6.49 ultimoIV.html\nUNAFOR~1 HTM 1.342 11/06/05 6.49 unaFormEsempio.html\nUNFILE TXT 1.489 11/06/05 6.49 unfile.txt\nUNTITLED HTM 196 11/06/05 6.49 untitled.htm\nUSAREM~1 HTM 2.149 11/06/05 6.49 usareMaple.html\nUSINGG~1 HTM 17.239 11/06/05 6.49 usingGNmath.html\nUSO AVI 683.008 11/06/05 6.49 uso.avi\nUSO ZIP 208.443 11/06/05 6.49\nUSOGNG~1 HTM 1.257 11/06/05 6.50 usogngeo.html\nVANTAG~1 HTM 486 11/06/05 6.50 vantaggiECDL.html\nVANTAG~2 HTM 1.595 11/06/05 6.50 vantaggiECDLlong.html.html\nVARIAB~1 HTM 5.607 11/06/05 6.50 variabili.html\nVARIAB~2 HTM 2.435 11/06/05 6.50 variabiliX.html\nVENTIJ~1 HTM 23.273 11/06/05 6.50 ventiJSprogs.html\nVIDEO HTM 461.173 11/06/05 6.50 video.htm\nVOTICO~1 HTM 1.590 11/06/05 6.50 votiCookieOK.htm\nWIKINET <DIR> 08/07/05 12.31 wikinet\nWIKI <DIR> 08/07/05 12.31 wiki\nVENARIA <DIR> 08/07/05 12.31 venaria\nPUBLIC <DIR> 08/07/05 12.31 public\nPUBBLICA <DIR> 08/07/05 12.31 pubblica\nPHPCOM~1 <DIR> 08/07/05 12.31 phpcommander\nOLIMPI~1 <DIR> 08/07/05 12.32 olimpiadiFisica\nOL <DIR> 08/07/05 12.32 ol\nNUOVEP~1 <DIR> 08/07/05 12.32 nuovePagine\nMONTI <DIR> 08/07/05 12.32 monti\nMDB-DA~1 <DIR> 08/07/05 12.32 mdb-database\nLOG <DIR> 08/07/05 12.32 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#Relazione di //didattica generale// in particolare sulla didattica narrativa [[didatticaGenerale.pdf|didatticaGenerale.pdf]] \n#Relazione di //didattica della fisica// [[didFisica.pdf|didFisica.pdf]]\n#Unita' didattica sulla //meccanica quantistica// [[UnitaDidatticaQM.pdf|UnitaDidatticaQM.pdf]]\n#Unita' didattica sulla //logica// con uso del prolog: [[UnitaDidatticaLogica.pdf|UnitaDidatticaLogica.pdf]] e relativo software [[PROLOGw32pl328.exe|PROLOGw32pl328.exe]\n#Relazione sulla //didattica dell'algebra// [[didAlgebra.pdf|didAlgebra.pdf]]\n#Relazione di //pedagogia sperimentale// [[pedagogiaSperimentale.pdf|pedagogiaSperimentale.pdf]]\n#Relazione sul //piano di lavoro// [[relPianoDiLavoro.pdf|relPianoDiLavoro.pdf]] e relative pagine HTML [[./pianoDiLavoro/slide.html|./pianoDiLavoro/slide.html]]\n#Relazione sulla //analisi del materiale didattico// [[relMaterialeDidattico.html|relMaterialeDidattico.html]]
Venerdi 8 Luglio 2005\nProvo a modificare radicalmente il sito appoggiandomi ad un [[CMS]] nuovo, ovvero il TiddlyWiki. E' scritto interamente in JavaScript in un unico file che si autoscrive (vedere il sorgente della pagina per credere: 175KB di ottimo JavaScript). Il file e' composto di tanti piccoli pezzettini detti 'tiddler'. \n''Non e' strutturato'' : e' una sorta di arcipelago di piccoli insiemi di parole che si legano tra loro con il solito sistema ipertestuale. Possono tuttavia essere ricomposte innanzitutto in base alla Timeline (visibile sulla colonna di destra), quindi per ordine alfabetico ma ''soprattutto'' e dico ''soprattutto'' tramite lo strumento [[search]] (ricerca) che e' in grado di trovare tutti i tiddler che contengono la parola cercata (colonna a destra, casellina bianca; oltre la terza lettera cominciera' a cercare da solo).\nInoltre esiste (sulla sinistra) il MainMenu che e' esso stesso un tiddler e svolge la funzione di home page (ovvero, per l'appunto //menu' principale//).\nOltre ad alcuni problemi o vantaggi tecnici quello che e' fondamentale e' veramente il sistema //non lineare// secondo il quale questa pagina viene letta ma soprattutto viene scritta.\nPer altro ogni persona e' assolutamente libera di vedere come questo funzioni: basta cliccare [[Qui]] per vedere come compare un tiddler da riempire... se salverete il file sul vostro computer (tramite una procedura non del tutto banale ComeSalvareQuestoFile) le modifiche diventeranno effettive sulla vostra copia!! (per creare altre pagine usare parole con DoppiaMaiuscola)\nNota:\nIn realta' avevo gia' cominciato a 'iniziare' il 6 luglio: PrimoTiddler il problema e' che non so come FondereDueTiddlyWiki . \nIdea strana: si potrebbe cooperare su questo wiki salvandolo in locale e poi spedendomelo per posta mi occupero' poi di come FondereDueTiddlyWiki.\n----\nTolto questo tiddler (che fu il primo) la navigazione è ipertestuale e puo' partire o dai link sulla colonna a sinistra o da quelli sulla colonna a destra.
Ho notato che TiddlyWiki supporta i caratteri unicode e quindi riporto quelli essenziali per fare un po' di matematica:\nαβγδεζηθικλμνξ οπρςστυφχψω ℕℙℚℝ ΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΠ ΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩ ∏∑\n×∓∘∙√∛∜ ∝∞∟ ∠∣∥∀∂∃∄∅∆∇ ∈∉∋∌∧∨∩∪⊂⊃⊆⊇ ∼∾≅≈≠≤≥⋀⋁⋂⋃ ⇒⇏⇔⇍⇐ ∫∬∭∮∯∰∱∲∳\nConviene quindi mettere il tiddler CaratteriMatematici nel main menu nel momento in cui si tratta di matematica (per altro in realta' non so come vengano stampati)\nCon essi si possono ad esempio scrivere le EqMaxwell
∇∙''E'' = ρ/ε\n∇∙''B'' = 0\n∇×''E'' = ∂''B''/∂''t''\n∇×''B'' = με ∂''B''/∂''t''+ μ''j''\n
Ho fatto una modifica per i pedici che adesso si indicano con due punto e virgola:\nc;;ij;;=a;;ij;;+b;;ij;;\n(ho truccato il codice):\n{{{\n // Style patterns\n var boldPattern = "''((?:[^']+(?:'[^'])?)+)''";\n var strikePattern = "==([^=]+)==";\n var underlinePattern = "__([^_]+)__";\n var italicPattern = "//([^/]+)//";\n var supPattern = "\s\s^\s\s^([^\s\s^]+)\s\s^\s\s^";\n //gn42 modifica:var subPattern = "~~([^~]+)~~";\n var subPattern = ";;([^;]+);;";\n //gn42 fine modifica\n var monoPattern = "\s\s{\s\s{\s\s{(.*?)\s\s}\s\s}\s\s}";\n}}}\n
Voglio decidere che tipo di CMS (Content Management System) voglio usare per gestire il mio sito.\nVorrei qualcosa di piu' dinamico del classico 'sito fatto con dreamweaver' (appunto voglio un cms).\nPero' devo decidere tra un sistema tiddlywiki (molto potente, supercompatto e trasportabile ma: difficilmente uploadable (dovrei avere sempre aperto un ftp)) oppure il mio wiki! (estremamente primitivo, non ha praticamente nessuna delle capabilities di qualsiasi altro wiki) oppure un cms tipo wordpress o wikipedia o phpwiki (o pmwiki non ricordo). \nPenso che una strada percorribile sia quella di continuare a usare il mio wiki! aggiornandolo personalmente con aggiunta di altra capabilities. (ma non e' che alla fine arrivo a pm wiki, quello del copernico, che se ci arrivo subito faccio prima?)\nBoh, per intanto provo a installare RoWiki del quale faro' una breve analisi in Rowiki.
Spacchetto che ho trovato su internet a\nnella directory generata trovo:\n*pages\nChe contiene gia' due pagine di cui una e' \n**AideDOTtxt (aiuto)\n*index.php che metto in IndexPhpRowiki\n
(tradotto e riassunto)\n{{{\nLinks: \n [documentation|] \nImmagini:\nWikiPagine: [Accueil]\nLinee: ----\nTitoli: !!!Le plus gros !!Plus gros !Gros\nStili: '''''Bold e italico''''' ; '''Bold''' ; ''italico''\nListe: *<OL>: # ; <UL>:* (non so se hanno i sottolivelli)\nFormattato: {}\n}}}\n(mancano sub e sup n\n
{{{\n// Prepare page formatting\n elseif ($action <> "edit") {\n $CONTENT = htmlentities($CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace("/&amp;#036;/Umsi", "&#036;", $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('#\s[(.+)\s|h(ttps?://[0-9a-zA-Z\s.\s#/~\s-_%=\s?\s&amp;,\s+]*)\s]#U', '<a href="xx$2">$1</a>', $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('#h(ttps?://[0-9a-zA-Z\s.\s&amp;\s#\s:/~\s-_%=?]*\s.(jpg|gif|png))#i', '<img src="xx$1" />', $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('#(https?://[0-9a-zA-Z\s.\s&amp;\s#\s:/~\s-_%=?]*)#i', '<a href="$0">$1</a>', $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('#xxttp#', 'http', $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace("/\s[([0-9a-zA-Z\s- :\s.,\s(\s)\s']+)\s]/U", '<a href="index.php?page=$1">$1</a>', $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('#([0-9a-zA-Z\s./~\s-_]+@[0-9a-z\s./~\s-_]+)#i', '<a href="mailto:$0">$0</a>', $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('/^\s*(.*)\sn/Um', "<ul><li>$1</li></ul>", $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('/^\s#(.*)\sn/Um', "<ol><li>$1</li></ol>", $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('/(<\s/ol><ol>|<\s/ul><ul>)/', "", $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('/^!!!(.*)(\sn)/Um', '<h1>$1</h1>$2', $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('/^!!(.*)(\sn)/Um', '<h2>$1</h2>$2', $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('/^!(.*)(\sn)/Um', '<h3>$1</h3>$2', $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('/----(\sr\sn|\sr|\sn)/m', '<hr>', $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('/\sn/', '<br />', $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace('#(</h[123]>)<br />#', "$1", $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace("/{(.+)}/Ue", "'<code><pre>' . preg_replace('#<br />#', '', '\s\s1') . '</pre></code>'", $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace("/'''(.*)'''/Um", '<b>$1</b>', $CONTENT);\n $CONTENT = preg_replace("/''(.*)''/Um", '<i>$1</i>', $CONTENT); \n $CONTENT = substr($CONTENT, 6, strlen($CONTENT) - 6);\n }\n// Print page \n}}}
▂▃▄▅▆▇█ ☞☹☺☻♀♂♣♥♦♪♫♬♭♮♯  \n\n( con l'istruzione String.fromCharCode(0-65535) se ne possono cercare altri)
 Giovanni Nicco TiddlyWiki
Oggi ho tradotto una pagina per la WikiPedia : (piu' qualche aggiunta personale) ... nota che tutti lo possono fare senza particolari password!!! (professori... ci siete?)\nSi potrebbe esempio portare avanti un wikilibro assieme.
[<a href=""> Non linear Los Alamos Archives</a>]
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Attenzione!: se si crea un tiddler nuovo con il nome di uno vecchio lo sovrappone punto e basta :(\nNota: adesso quando salvo mi chiede se deve interrompere lo script e non ho la minima idea di cosa possa succedere se lo faccio! (riattivo i backups)\nLa nuova size e' 229Kb
* 18/07/05 (un'ora dopo):229 Kb (a 10 kb a intervento mi restano solo piu' 80 interventi prima di arrivare a 1 Mb)!!! la cosa si prospetta grave\n* 18/07/05 221 Kb \n